What's a cereal that's better dry than with milk?

2021.10.20 21:59 Stan387 What's a cereal that's better dry than with milk?

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2021.10.20 21:59 DoodsieDoot my current survivor predictions have some… mixed results 5 episodes in

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2021.10.20 21:59 CyberSaiyan13 Nyanny's infamous Hojo Thumbnail from Crisis Core

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2021.10.20 21:59 cheggLegend Red Flag?

Would you consider this a red flag for a company’s about page:
“Our founding team includes Silicon Valley leaders who have founded or been founding team members of multiple companies with successful exits, some in excess of $350 million. We convened a team uniquely qualified to bring modern solutions and some of the most advanced technologies to healthcare revenue cycle management.
We’ve built a cross-functional skill set deep into the DNA of the company. We have technology experts from the top Silicon Valley technology companies, many with graduate degrees in machine learning.”
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2021.10.20 21:59 Jimmiejones30 Accepting 10 for giritina 5878 5366 0513

No comments plz
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2021.10.20 21:59 Blackbarbie2003 N400 Would I have problems at the interview if I don’t have an ID?

Hello everyone! I turned 18 in April and I would like to apply for my citizenship. Due to the circumstances my parents applied after I turned 18 (April 11th), they’re good to go and my brother too. During a college visit My wallet was displacedwith my green card and SSC, now I am in a limbo since I can’t apply for a drivers license because I need my social security and another form of ID. I can’t get a SSC replacement because I need to show proof of my legal status(they want my physical green card) I have pictures of my documents so I can apply for the citizenship. However I’m worried about the interview, since I have to show a proof of ID and I don’t have one. (I just have an old high school ID, my diploma and high school transcript)
Does anyone know if there would be a problem at the entrance?
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2021.10.20 21:59 Skrtin Swapping new graphics card for old

I am going to swap my 3080 for my 960 because I am going to use the 3080 in my mining rig just wondering if there are any steps I should take for example, drivers, and etc.
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2021.10.20 21:59 Bunytou Canal de resenhas

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2021.10.20 21:59 jm74221 can’t get past BIOS logo when trying to install Windows

I've been trying to install Windows 10 on my new custom built pc and haven't been able to so far. Everytime it boots it goes straight to the Gigabyte logo and then doesn’t go any further.
My PC specs:
i5 9600KF
Kingston 960gb SSD
Gigabyte B365M DS3H
Corsair Vengeance LPX 16gb DDR4
Geforce GTX 1060 3gb
Cooler Master 450w
Things I've already tried:
Used 3 different USBs (SanDisk)
Turned off fast boot
Tried turning off/onCSM support
Updated BIOS to F2 and latest (F6e)
Re installing through Windows creation tool
Formatted in NTFS & through Rufus
Adjusted boot priority to boot off USB
Unplugged SSD when booting off flash drive
Unplugged one stick of RAM
Tried another motherboard (same model)
Yet nothing has worked, very frustrating. Anyone have any suggestions?
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2021.10.20 21:59 SeaSide1592 Wall Street Dads - It's time to change diapers and kick hedge funds ass and we're out of diapers!

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2021.10.20 21:59 Ompertheoficial x4 hww

If there was an option would you play 4x speed Hww
View Poll
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2021.10.20 21:59 Animetropo Evil Kiara frog be like

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2021.10.20 21:59 thiccwandmoment Reanimated eteleD and Austin

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2021.10.20 21:59 Fortnites2dat Top 5 favorite YouTubers

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2021.10.20 21:59 Kurt_Owen_082905 This is the way to make a perfect ad.

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2021.10.20 21:59 Likestuff12 If Harry had allowed Ginny to name their children, what names would she have given them?

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2021.10.20 21:59 random17264 18 [M4F] Hopeless romantic looking for the one I chan shower with affection ^_^

So first off my hobbies/interests are mainly gaming, drawing, movies/anime but when it comes to movies I mostly watch horror. I listen to music basically 24/7, mainly metal but not limited to that. I think music can connect people so I would love it if we could share our tastes. I love to walk at night and just wonder about life. My favourite thing has to be reading at night while its raining outside. Also a huge fan of horror stuff, I have been reading Junji Ito's mangas and Lovecarft recently, and I love them. I consider myself a kind, caring and accepting person, I can be the shoulder to cry on. I also value a truly romantic relationship way above just a sexual one. I am 6'1 with short dark brown hair, brown eyes, and a somewhat slim build So basically that's it, if you are interested DM me. And please write a short introduction about yourself too c:
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2021.10.20 21:59 xDaveCee First collection dropped. 5 unique pieces at 0.01ETH each. Check it out!

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2021.10.20 21:59 NokCha_ [95.7 The Game] Steve Kerr on Bjelica (via @DamonAndRatto ): "I asked Decky, our Serbian coach, if we should call him 'Magic Bjelica.' He laughed & said it doesn't have the same ring to it, so we just call him Belly. He's quickly becoming a favorite with the guys."

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2021.10.20 21:58 akowal512 SDC yolo🚀🚀🦍

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2021.10.20 21:58 KitsuKuran Does FavorGK sent products via Equick?? I thought their Standard International Shipping is usually UPS? Please help, because when I try to track it, tracking doesn't come up...

Is this normal? :(
Or do you only able to track it until it arrives at the Destination of the Country??
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2021.10.20 21:58 Toohightohell Join the Kehari kerho Discord Server!

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2021.10.20 21:58 CodeWolfy BREAKING: Bank of America has raised their $TSLA price target to $1,000 (from $900). Reiterated Neutral rating. 📈

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2021.10.20 21:58 LongJonSiIver WORLD WAR HULK Movie Rumored To Be In Active Development At Marvel Studios

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2021.10.20 21:58 NotFai [EU-DE] [H] 160 artisans [W] Paypal

Timestamp with prices -- Please read below
Shipping Information
Shipping to the US and within the EU will be an extra $10 (other than for a few EU countries). Shipping anywhere else will be an extra $17. For US buyers, all caps will be shipped from Germany to a proxy agent in Florida via DHL and then passed over to USPS. Buyers from other countries will receive their caps directly via DHL standard from Germany. Will be shipped within 6-9 days following this post, shipping should take about 2 weeks to the EU/US and up to 4 weeks anywhere else, but delays may occur.
Please comment before PM and no chat. Please include your PayPal email and country I am shipping to in the PM. All prices are in USD and include PayPal fees. Going to prioritize bundles and give discounts to larger bundles. Feel free to make offers as well, am more responsive on Discord - Fai#9207. Thank you!
All Caps for Sale

A1 Artkey Pulse Bull V2 $95.00
B1 Artkey Grand Prix Bull V2 $180.00
C1 Coconut Keycaps OG Melvi $180.00
D1 Deag Moon Bean (Matte) $200.00
E1 Deag Inukuma Bean $225.00
F1 GSK Iceberg Bara $250.00
G1 GSK Encore Velite $275.00
H1 GSK Blossom Velite $225.00
I1 DCcaps Cotton Ball Cloudy $230.00
J1 Alpha Na'vi Salvador $130.00
A2 Latrialum Lilith Esc/FN $200.00
B2 ⬆️
C2 Latrialum Melodic Sprinkles Esc $150.00
D2 Latrialum Virtuous Glacier Esc $130.00
E2 Latrialum Crimson Wave Esc $180.00
F2 Latrialum KAT Destruction Esc $180.00
G2 Latrialum Immortal Blood Esc/FN $200.00
H2 ⬆️
I2 Sodiecaps Cosmic Splat Hero + Elok $230.00
J2 ⬆️
A3 Sodiecaps Moon Hill Crescent $95.00
B3 Sodiecaps Bone Daddy Crescent $95.00
C3 Sodiecaps AlxCo Crescent $95.00
D3 Sodiecaps Red Riot Crescent $85.00
E3 Sodiecaps Hyper Transfue Fubsy $85.00
F3 Sodiecaps RW+B Fubsy $75.00
G3 Sodiecaps Frickin Bats Fubsy $85.00
H3 Deathcaps Murica Revenant $70.00
I3 Deathcaps Teal Revenant $85.00
J3 Deathcaps Blue Barely Bad Luck $90.00
A4 Primecaps Lockjaw Al Bumen $230.00
B4 Lividity Fig Leaf Observer $90.00
C4 Lividity Red & Gold Observer $85.00
D4 Lividity Viet Coffee Observer $85.00
E4 Lividity Rite Observer $85.00
F4 Lividity Mary Observer $85.00
G4 Lividity Caesar Observer $70.00
H4 Lividity Winifred Observer $90.00
I4 Lividity Eddy Observer $90.00
J4 Lividty Search Party Observer $100.00
A5 Lividity Nuka Observer $85.00
B5 Lividity Dorothy Observer $80.00
C5 Lividity Sarah Observer $90.00
D5 Lividity AWOL Observer $90.00
E5 Lividity Gurple Observer $90.00
F5 Lividity Aka Observer $90.00
G5 Lividity Elphaba Observer $100.00
H5 Lividity Melin Observer $85.00
I5 Lividity Jack Observer $100.00
J5 Lividity Splavender Observer $90.00
A6 Phage Late/Never Hex $150.00
B6 Phage Primed Slime Hex $150.00
C6 Phage Primed Slime Damnation $225.00
D6 Phage Tang Sucks Damnation $225.00
E6 CYSM Classic Blue Boba $85.00
F6 Primecaps Time Wave Theta Esc $90.00
G6 Primecaps Cryospace Esc $90.00
H6 Primecaps Lilac Eminence Esc $90.00
I6 Primecaps Stellar Plexus Esc $90.00
J6 Primecaps Spectral Holograph Esc $90.00
A7 CKC CKC Bongos $80.00
B7 ⬆️
C7 Lazycaps Love Hurts Jikininkey $150.00
D7 GSK D-Wade Velite $150.00
E7 GSK D-Wade Hogzilla $80.00
F7 GSK D-Wade Froggo $75.00
G7 Brewcaps OG Silence $100.00
H7 Gothcaps Monochromium Sunken Brim $100.00
I7 Blud Taropathy + DRed Kevin $200.00
J7 ⬆️
A8 Sludgekidd Voidout Uzu Shi $80.00
B8 Sludgekidd Warpsick Uzu Shi $80.00
C8 Sludgekidd Chemical Fluids Uzu Shi $80.00
D8 Sludgekidd Sandy Butcheeks Uzu Shi $80.00
E8 Sludgekidd Dragonfruit Uzu Shi $80.00
F8 Sludgekidd Void Rot Uzu Shi $80.00
G8 Sludgekidd Minty Weeper $80.00
H8 YoungsterHarris PoN Nightmare + HIT Blank $150.00
I8 ⬆️
J8 Brocaps Frigid Froper $100.00
K1 Mozicaps Prototype Esc $45.00
L1 Mozicaps Prototype Esc $45.00
M1 Mozicaps Prototype Esc $45.00
N1 Mozicaps Neissus Prime Esc $45.00
O1 Radcaps Spare Change Esc $40.00
P1 Dollartaco Plevel Blesk $55.00
Q1 Nightcaps/ETF Pinot Fugthulhu $85.00
R1 Nightcaps/ETF Frosted Peppermint Smegface $65.00
S1 Resin Party Akira Microdose $40.00
T1 Tokkipee Lechuga Sakura Blank $75.00
K2 Fraktal Lilac Daydream Aweigh! $70.00
L2 Fraktal EVA-01 Aweigh! $70.00
M2 Fraktal Blackout Aweigh! $70.00
N2 Fraktal Ilulisap Itsirnga Aweigh! $80.00
O2 Fraktal South beach Slow Dance Aweigh! $85.00
P2 Fraktal Sticky Icky Sunken Aweigh! $75.00
Q2 Fraktal KAT Atlantis Aweigh! $75.00
R2 Rathcaps Pastoral Keyriboh $65.00
S2 Forest Keys Pumpkin Platycap $30.00
T2 Systematik Garfunkle Cheshire $40.00
K3 Binirias OG Mume $60.00
L3 Binirias Zombie Mume $60.00
M3 Binirias Ghost Mume $50.00
N3 Binirias The Touched Mume $60.00
O3 Binirias Cobalt Mume $60.00
P3 Binirias OG Phloxy $60.00
Q3 Monstera Delta Dragon Warrior $55.00
R3 Monstera Code Dragon Warrior $55.00
S3 Monstera Chuun Dragon Warrior $55.00
T3 Monstera Nauti Dragon Warrior $55.00
K4 Almond Iced Out TakoGato $85.00
L4 Keylabs Encore Corvus $70.00
M4 Sway Caps Kamikakushi Boneana $75.00
N4 Sway Caps BANana Boneana $75.00
O4 Sway Caps Cupid's Tip Boneana $75.00
P4 Sway Caps OG Boneana $75.00
Q4 Sway Caps Space Food Boneana $80.00
R4 Keycat EVA-01 Puffy $70.00
S4 Primecaps Sorry, Not Sorry Al Bumen $75.00
T4 RTG Fishy Logjam $40.00
K5 Bowler Caps Terrorkey Night $30.00
L5 Bowler Caps Marbled Blue/Grey Terrorkey $30.00
M5 Sleepy Caps Sheepsomnia $30.00
N5 Sludgekidd Blue/Red Skidd $30.00
O5 Lividity Frost Byte Moses $65.00
P5 Lividity Gateway Dwight $30.00
Q5 Lividity DTTFR Viscera $65.00
R5 Lividity Search Party Viscera $65.00
S5 Lividity Infinum Viscera $65.00
T5 Lividity Blint Viscera $65.00
K6 Destroyer Caps The Necro Files RAWR $55.00
L6 Destroyer Caps VaporBlake RAWR $55.00
M6 Destroyer Caps Pa! Tina is a Liar! RAWR $55.00
N6 Destroyer Caps Tarter & Tides RAWR $55.00
O6 Destroyer Caps Saarinen Cloud Dark Blue RAWR $55.00
P6 Destroyer Caps I, Blue Johnny RAWR $55.00
Q6 Destroyer Caps Petri's Fuddrucking Hipster RAWR $55.00
R6 Destroyer Caps Courtney Love RAWR $55.00
S6 Destroyer Caps Nancy Reagan RAWR $55.00
T6 Destroyer Caps Johnny's Magic Throat RAWR $55.00
K7 Destroyer Caps Tarter & Tides RAWR $55.00
L7 Destroyer Caps Saarinen Cloud Dark Blue RAWR $55.00
M7 Destroyer Caps Saarinen Cloud Light Blue RAWR $55.00
N7 Destroyer Caps Tropical BlastSnackumClaus RAWR $55.00
O7 Destroyer Caps Splatter Bean Sugar Rush RAWR $55.00
P7 Destroyer Caps Davies' Bain RAWR $55.00
Q7 Destroyer Caps Clarblart RAWR $55.00
R7 Destroyer Caps Rain Dog RAWR $55.00
S7 Destroyer Caps Derek's Cargo Shorts RAWR $55.00
T7 Destroyer Caps Fatboy Rave Molasses RAWR $55.00
K8 Destroyer Caps Break Blurple RAWR $55.00
L8 Destroyer Caps SmEllenDeFartChugger RAWR $55.00
M8 Destroyer Caps Whiffle Ball Bones RAWR $55.00
N8 Destroyer Caps Metcalf County RAWR $55.00
O8 Destroyer Caps Gargle Puss Joe RAWR $55.00
P8 Destroyer Caps BananAro RAWR $55.00
Q8 Destroyer Caps BananAro Boofus Grimm $55.00
R8 Neat Caps Picky People Sticky Green Neateor + Blank $15.00
S8 ⬆️
T8 Winkeys Sumi Clutch $40.00
submitted by NotFai to mechmarket [link] [comments]