I've noticed Bethesda just wants to be fresh and original with Starfield.

2021.10.20 22:17 WinDepression_Com I've noticed Bethesda just wants to be fresh and original with Starfield.

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2021.10.20 22:17 raytoro54 Tips for an Automatic Rifleman?

When in the pushing or defending situation, I always seek for higher ground and go for covering fire. But every time I’m on mounted position or prone down on the high ground, I’d be the first one who takes shots.
Am I supposed to play an Automatic Rifleman like a normal Rifleman with extended magazines? But being able to do some covering fires is the coolest part as an Automatic Rifleman!!
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2021.10.20 22:17 Icy-Feeling-6859 Wingsofredemption talks about getting Fired from Doordash dor violating their Terms of Services. Plays RainbowSix and gets Team killed. Rages against trolls and blames them for losing his gig work.

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2021.10.20 22:17 ablandmix Hi!

This is my first time posting and I’m using it to ask a favor…
I’m a teacher and I have an opportunity to really brighten some kids’ 8th grade year. They’re forced to spend the first part of their day with me. I’m supposed to talk to them about “persistence”, “communication”, and other habits of scholarship.
What they want to talk about is life after high school. Will you guys help me out: I would love to get insight (for them) from any of you with particularly misunderstood, desirable or interesting careers.
They’re interested in welding, cosmetology, video game creation, athletics (or sports-adjacent professions), law, and medicine. Anyone with a job in one of these fields or anything something equally attractive to teens is welcome to reply also.
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2021.10.20 22:17 About69Tacos [Siren] I guess my antics have spread. Big pile today.

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2021.10.20 22:17 defectivemerp Not a G9 but stacked two ultrawides and I’m loving it!

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2021.10.20 22:17 Whey-Men 'Fake news' legislation criminalizes activists in East and Southeast Asian countries

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2021.10.20 22:17 showmewhatyourlygot POT SB ghosted me. Why?

Met a young lady last week, we chated online exchanged number and talked some more. Everything seems to be going well, she even suggested to meet up in person, however, we were not able to finalize a date to meet up due to her schedule.
All the sudden all communication stopped. Even when I reached out to follow up on the M&G she said she is busy and will get back to me later. Been a few days still haven't heard from her. Not sure if I should reach out again or just write it off as a lost cause?
This is not the first time a SB changed her mind last min. Is this the new trends in the sugar scene?
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2021.10.20 22:17 Responsible-Ball5950 Help: Package was delivered to wrong address, do I complain to USPS or the vendor?

Hey everyone,
To make a long story short, I purchased a small package of trading cards (maybe $10 worth) a couple weeks ago. The website I purchased them from is highly reputable, but because of COVID has a policy that states customers should wait 12-15 business days before asking about missing product. The vendor I purchased my package from included a tracking number, but because of the extended delays in shipping, I really didn't check it until the last day. Turns out the package was delivered to a completely different address in a completely different mistake about a week and a half ago. I reached out to the vendor to let them know of the mix-up, asking either for a refund or to have my order completed. The vendor simply said " here is the missing package number for usps" and left me the Service Request Number.
I have no clue where on the USPS website to input the SRN, and even then, I feel like this isn't a problem the USPS can solve, since the package has already been "delivered" and is no longer in their hands. Can anyone tell me if I am missing something before I reach out again to the vendor or customer support?
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2021.10.20 22:17 WillRayne Sammy's Halloween Spooktacular. Part 1

"Are we ever gonna get there," Sarah whined from the back seat.
"We still have a ways to go, Punkin," my wife replied. I could tell she was as tired of being in the car as the kids were.
Jeremy was still passed out in the backseat next to his sister. He must have been sleeping hard because her wails and whines were not so much as causing him to stir.
"How much longer?" Sarah cried out in her most pitiful voice yet.
"We're still a long way off, Punkin," I replied, trying not to sound as irritated as I was starting to feel.
We started calling her Punkin after our first Halloween that she was old enough to enjoy. I can't say that I was a particular fan of the holiday, having spent my childhood in London, where I was born.
My family moved to the states when I was fifteen after my father got a job offer he couldn't refuse. I'm thirty-four now, and a similar opportunity now took my family and I across the country.
Sarah's first Halloween costume was a little pumpkin onesie with a cap that had a small green stem protruding out of the top. She loved it so much, and refused to wear anything else for the weeks following her night of trick or treating. She couldn't say the word quite right at that age, so Punkin became her moniker, inspired by her own words.
As much as I did not care for that time of year, she adored it. I attempted to convince my family to try out my old tradition of sporting the ancient garb of Guy Fawkes night on November fifth, which I used to celebrate as a child. Safe to say it wasn't their cup of tea.
When Jeremy joined our little flock, it didn't take him long to find his love for Halloween, too. I was in the minority with my distaste for the occasion, but it was hard to argue too much with something that brought the kids such glee.
The children, and my wife, were all of the same fear, that our cross country move in mid October would make the seasonal traditions difficult to celebrate. I assured them that the subdivision we were to be adopting as our new home looked to provide far more opportunities for treats than the one we had left behind.
"Maybe we should get off the road for a bit," Jessica suggested.
We had planned to stop at a hotel at some point in our trip across the country. The idea of forcing the kids to endure fourteen hours straight in the car was enough to make us all exhausted at just the thought alone.
I had wanted to make a little more progress before stopping off for the night, but I couldn't deny that the six hours I had already spent behind the wheel was making me feel a little on edge. As much as I adored our little Pumpkin, her whines were starting to inspire a fair amount of frustration.
"Just a little longer, babe," I replied to my wife's request.
Truthfully, I was hoping to find some sort of landmark or otherwise pleasant location to spend our break from driving. I had meant to do a little research before we left, to plan out a good place to stop off, but it had completely slipped my mind.
We had loaded up the trailer with all of our belongings over the days before we headed out, but that just served to exhaust my body and mind.
"Daddy!" Sarah exclaimed from the back seat, with a jubilation to her voice.
"Look, look, look!" She cried out, thrusting her pointing finger in between where my wife and I sat.
'Sammy's Halloween Spooktacular!' the billboard my excited daughter raved about read.
Jess gave me a look I knew all too well. A broad, mischievous smile with a tingle in her eye that read, 'come on, babe'. I let out a sigh and smiled back at her. Sarah's excited screaming had woken up her brother, causing him to join in on the shared glee that my wife and daughter already overflowed with.
He showed absolutely no sign of drowsiness, regardless of just being dramatically yanked from his sleep. I miss those days. I couldn't wake up with any degree of enthusiasm, even if I'd passed out for twelve straight hours.
"Alright," I chuckled, causing the rest of the vehicle's inhabitants to bellow their appreciation.
I can't say I was anywhere near as thrilled as they were, but I couldn't say no to their smiling faces. The information I could make out on the billboard indicated that it was still a good twenty miles ahead.
There was absolutely no way that I had any hope of getting the kids to settle down as the same sign reappeared every couple of miles. Every single one we passed caused more yells of anticipation and, as happy as I was to see them excited, I could feel a throbbing headache begin to form.
Some fifteen or twenty minutes later, I pulled off the exit that promised our adventures were close at hand. There were a few fast food joints and truck stops directly off the short road that branched from the interstate, but the new smaller signs on the side of the road indicated that Sammies was still up the road a little bit.
After another handful of miles, we arrived at what seemed to be the main strip of whatever town we had landed in. There were plenty of little tourist attractions, and a boatload of roadside motels before we finally reached the large and creepy looking building that bore the same title as the billboards we had seen for the last half hour.
"How about you guys go check it out, and I'll go set up a hotel room," I suggested, mildly hopeful to avoid having to enter the 'spooktacular' environment.
"You don't wanna come, daddy!?" Sarah exclaimed, pouting slightly.
"It's not that, Punkin," I replied knowing full well that it was indeed that, "I just want to make sure we can get a room before they all sell out."
Jess gave me a sideways glance, and I had no doubt she could tell that traffic wasn't heavy enough to imply that the numerous hotels were hurting for rooms. She still gave me her cute half smile, accompanied by a quick wink. She knew Halloween wasn't my thing, so she didn't hold my bailing out of the event against me.
"It definitely would be a pain to have to get back onto the interstate to find a room for the night," she said, loosely backing up my play.
"Awwww," both kids whined in unison.
It did make me feel bad to let them down, but as we pulled into the spacious parking lot of the 'best haunted experience in the country', according to the flare on the signpost, their pouting veered back to excitement.
I pulled up as close as I could to the entrance, while hauling the enormous trailer filled with a housload of furniture and labelled boxes, and I handed Jess one of my credit cards to cover the entry fees. She gave me a kiss before getting out of our extended cab truck, to much "Eeeeeew,"ing from both kids.
"Bye bye, daddy," Sarah yelled out while my family made their way to the entrance, hand in hand.
Jeremy was already fully focused on the festivities within his reach to waste any time on goodbyes.
"I love you guys, have fun!" I shouted at the trio as they strolled happily away from me, before I circled out of the exit to the parking lot.
I chose to head over to the nearest and nicest looking motel, that would prove to be easily within walking distance of Sammy's. I respectfully carried my truck and trailer to the rear of the parking area, to stay out of the way of any vehicles that would much more conveniently inhabit the closer spaces.
After setting up two adjoining rooms for the night, I went ahead and unloaded our overnight bags and carried them up to our second floor lodgings.
I sent Jess a text of our room numbers, and let her know that I arranged for the front desk to hold onto one of the keycards in case we ended up bypassing each other as I walked back to the roadside attraction.
It seemed unlikely that we would miss each other with such a short distance between us, but I knew some of these tourist spots would have a rear exit so the folks leaving wouldn't get in the way of those entering.
I didn't receive a reply, so I assumed they were in the middle of having a 'fright load of fun', as the fliers at the hotel would suggest were likely to occur.
It didn't take long to arrive back at the parking lot to Sammy's on foot, so I was sure they would have made it through the attractions by now. I still hadn't heard back from my wife, but she was often prone to leave me hanging on text messages, so I thought nothing of it.
As I walked closer, I really took in the size of the place for the first time. It was set up to look like a giant, classically styled haunted house. Various colors of tarnished siding, boarded up windows and a wide variety of warnings spray painted on the walls. They looked like something cruel teenagers would apply to the house belonging to the neighborhood weirdo.
'Turn back now!' 'You'll never last until morning' 'Save yourself!' were just a handful of the phrases painted across the large building. It had to be a solid five stories tall at least, and looked like it had set them back a healthy chunk of cash.
There were the classic seasonal assembly of horrific characters just outside the entrance. Werewolves, evil looking scarecrows, vampires and the like, all set up in their best mid action poses to alarm those who may pass by. Though I didn't care for the theme, I couldn't argue that it all looked quite convincing.
When I pushed open the door to the lobby inside, I heard a ghostly howl that seemed to be triggered by a motion sensor beside the entryway. I rolled my eyes at this one, as it seemed a little cliche.
Of course, well done or not, this whole place was quite the stereotype, but I imagine it was effective to their target audience.
Though festive decor lined the interior as much as the exterior, I was surprised to see that it looked not dissimilar to a common movie theatre lobby on the inside. They even had a concession stand, though it sold just as many advertising trinkets as it did snacks and beverages.
T-shirts bearing such phrases as 'I Survived the Six Floors of Terror', or other simpler ones bearing the moniker of this establishment hung on pegs to the side of the counter, along with hats, hoodies and even expensive looking jackets.
"Welcome to Sammy's, how many in your party," a monotone voice beckoned from somewhere to the side of me, breaking my staring contest with the clothing accessories.
"Um, no party actually," I replied to the cute blonde girl dressed like a ragdoll who had approached me.
"I'm looking for my family, actually," I continued.
"Name?" she requested, looking quite bored by the experiences her job provided.
"Hawthorne. Jessica, Sarah and Jeremy Hawthorne," I replied.
She began tapping her fingers across the screen of the tablet she held. It had a wide case around it, shaped like a skull. Honestly, It looked like it would be quite cumbersome to make use of, with such ridiculous padding, but she seemed to have no issues with it.
"It looks like they're still enjoying the attractions," she said after completing her search, sounding completely unenthusiastic about said activities.
"Wow!" I replied.
"It's been a while now! How long does this thing go on for?" I asked, genuinely taken aback that they were still in there.
"It depends on how many floors you get through," she droned on.
"Maybe up to an hour, if they're brave enough," She continued.
"You're welcome to take a seat and wait for them," she finished, gesturing to a row of benches off to the side of the lobby.
"Alright. Thanks," I said dismissively before walking over to take a seat.
It had already been close to an hour since I dropped my wife and kids off, but there may have been some sort of line to get in. There was currently a small group gathered up in front of the big doors to the rear of the lobby. They seemed to be awaiting whatever the allotted time was. Surely this was the case for Jess and the kids too.
After another thirty minutes passed, I was growing quite restless. The other group had entered a little while ago, and I still saw no sign of my family. I badgered the rag doll girl again, only to receive a similar dismissive conversation as we had before.
I kindly asked to speak to a manager as this was clearly going nowhere. She seemed reluctant to grant my request, but placed a phone call nonetheless.
"He should be with you shortly. Please take a seat until he gets here," she said, gesturing back to the same bench I sat on previously, as though I had somehow forgotten it's existence.
Perhaps I was allowing my annoyance to take root, but this was becoming a little ridiculous. Only a few minutes passed before,
"Hello there my frightful friend!" Bellowed from the portly man to my left.
"What can yer old buddy Sammy do for ya?"
He seemed very theatrical in his words and actions as he spoke in an almost exaggerated Irish accent.
"I'm looking for my family," I replied without hesitation.
"I dropped them off about an hour and a half ago, and they're still not out."
"Well good lord!" he exclaimed in an awful imitation of an English accent.
"We got a proper bloody limey among us! Pip pip, and tally ho!" He continued as he jumped his plump little body from the floor to click his heels together.
"Look, mate. I just want to see my family, yeah?" I said, feeling a growing aggravation with the rotund man dressed in the style of a circus ringleader.
"Oy, easy on, gov'na! I was just 'aving a little fun!" He replied, jovially
"Give it a rest!" I exclaimed, grabbing the man by his collar.
"Where is my fucking family?" I asked slowly and firmly before letting go of the fool who still wore a silly grin.
"I'm sorry," I said, though it wasn't exactly sincere.
"I'm just worried about my kids. It's been a while and I haven't seen any sign of them,"
The man nodded to the rag doll, who quickly brought him her skull wrapped device. He tapped away on the screen, still keeping every action almost comically exaggerated.
"It looks like they got through all six floors!" He exclaimed with his eyes wide.
"Likely, they'll be enjoying the restaurant and arcade at the bottom."
"The bottom?" I asked, glancing upwards at the ceiling I assumed to be the base to the second floor.
"The six floors of fear go down, me boy," he grinned, fully returning to his Irish brogue.
"Can I meet them down there?" I asked, hopeful that I may finally get to meet up with them.
"Only if ye brave the floors yerself!" He said, proudly, straightening his posture.
"Isn't there, like, an employee's entrance or something?" I asked, feeling exhausted by this whole ordeal.
"Well of course, boy-o, but such things are not fit fer mere mortals to cross!" He said, with a mischievous look in his eye.
"C'mon! Don't ye wanna have some Halloween fun, yerself?" He asked, wringing his fingers together.
"I don't give a flying fuck about Halloween, mate!" I belted, feeling my face flush.
"Just take me to my fucking family, you smug little shit!"
A certain amount of malice crossed his red bearded face for a moment. We locked eyes in what felt like a completely childish staring contest. There was something unsettling in the way he looked at me, as his mouth twitched ever so slightly.
"If ye wants to get to yer loved ones," he sneered.
"Ye needs to descend the six floors. Are ye brave enough to face yer fears, me boy?" He asked as his face regained a pleasant smile.
"Fine," I sighed.
"How much?" I asked, feeling like this whole thing was just a set-up to squeeze out more cash.
"It's on the house," he said, grinning widely before making a theatrical bow.
"Fer the misunderstanding, of course."
He gestured to the small group that gathered in front of the wide entrance, which was made up to look like heavy, iron doors.
Feeling dejected and annoyed, I slowly dragged my feet over to the six other people that stood before the entryway.
"Do try to enjoy yerself," the pudgy faced man said as the doors creaked open.
Almost instantly, I found my eyes rolling again as I looked upon the predictable strobing lights that flickered beyond the opening of the giant doors.
The two teen couples in the front of the group huddled together while the boys gave each other a grin. The girls, who wrapped themselves around the two, were certainly overselling their fears at the silly sights ahead, but I remember such games when I was younger.
"Someone's getting laid tonight,'' the voice in the back of my head stated.
The closest kid to the front had shaggy dark hair, and wore a letterman jacket, while the girl who held onto him had her blonde hair tied into pigtails, and wore a red and white cheerleader outfit.
The other girl had long black hair that hung to the middle of the back of her blue minidress. The guy who stood beside her had short brown hair, parted in the center, and wore a blue and white striped button up shirt and dark, purposely ripped jeans.
The remaining two members of the group whose company I would be forced to share for the next hour or so, looked to be in their mid-twenties.
The taller of the two wore a white shirt and tie, with a grey, pin-striped vest that was buttoned in the center. His jeans were also stylishly ripped, and he had a dark, chinstrap beard, a thin moustache and spiked black hair.
The other had a shaved head, and a thicker, yet tidy dirty blonde beard. He wore a tight beige sweater that accented his athletic build, and baggy, light blue jeans.
I couldn't really get a read on my new companions, but I hoped they would help make this experience as tolerable as possible.
Floor 1
As we made our way through the makeshift hallways, likely made of cheap wood, draped in dark cloth, I kept checking my phone to see if Jess had replied yet. I almost winced every time one of the teenage girls made an over the top scream while wrapping their bodies further around their excited dates.
Plenty of costumed men and women jumped out from behind walls to bring frights to those who couldn't see that shit coming from a mile away. Some seemed more into it than others. The guy in the Scream get-up acted like he'd rather be drilling down online friends on whatever shooter game took his fancy.
After a few minutes, we cleared the black draped walls and found ourselves looking at a stairway that led down into sights unseen. The fluorescent lights that were mounted to the ceiling above the steps flickered almost as much as the strobes we had only cleared moments ago.
I let out a heavy sigh and checked my phone again, while the airheads in front were attempting to sound convincing in their terror at the thought of descending to the second floor. It wasn't until then that I really took in the implications of six floors going downwards. How deep did they have to dig to build this place?
My thoughts were cut short when a man in a bloody apron, wearing a burlap sack over his head and wielding a roaring chainsaw came charging at us. A ridiculous abundance of shrieking came from the front of the group, before the two couples scampered down the steps.
The two guys in the back strolled quickly behind them. I just began my descent at an average pace. I wanted to get back to my family as quickly as I could, but I wasn't about to let myself get dragged into this silliness.
Floor 2
As I approached the bottom of the staircase, I saw that all six of my associates for the day were standing in a row.
None of them were moving and even the dramatic teenage girls were silent while they gripped tightly onto their boyfriend's. When I got level with them, I found my jaw hanging open when I looked upon the darkly lit woods that lay beyond the landing.
There was no evidence of walls to our sides or a ceiling above our heads. All I could make out above the dense woods was the night sky with a bright full moon shining down.
"What the fuck is this?" I asked, mostly to myself.
"Maybe the stairs led us outside?" The taller of the mid-twenties guys said, completely unconvincingly.
"It's just special effects," the dark haired teenager next to the pigtailed girl in the cheerleader outfit remarked, attempting to sound confident.
"Can we just go back?" The girl replied, her voice trembling slightly.
"This is just too weird," she continued.
"Quit being a pussy!, None of this shit is real!" The teenage boy said before being smacked across the chest by his girlfriend.
"Don't be an asshole, Greg!" She said before smacking him again.
After some back and forth, the group agreed to turn around and head back up the steps. I was sure this was all just some sort of gimmick, but I couldn't deny that this floor looked as though it would take some time to get through.
I desperately wanted to get to Jess and the kids, but maybe I could walk around the building and reach the arcade another way. If this building really did lead another six floors down, surely there was some way to get there from the outside.
"What the hell!?" The spikey haired twenty-something guy exclaimed, mirroring my own thoughts when we turned around to see that only more woods stood behind us.
"It's gotta be an illusion or something," his friend retorted before walking towards where the stairs were only moments ago with his arms outstretched in front of him.
He traced his hands around like he was trying to find a light switch in a dark room, but he only walked further than where the stairs had stood.
"They must have retracted them," the confident teenage boy who had recently received a slap from his girl said.
More conversation erupted among our small group while they attempted to explain what was going on, but I just wanted to get moving. Giving little shit about standing around and listening to any more pointless arguing, I started walking forward in the direction the stairs had stood before.
It would stand to reason that, if this was indeed another floor, I would have to make my way under the one above to reach another possible flight of stairs.
"Where the fuck are you going!?" The cheerleader's boyfriend called out.
"Looking for the next stairway," I replied, turning around as I continued to walk away from the six in a huddle.
"You're goin' the wrong way, dingus!" He exclaimed, laughing at my apparent ignorance.
"We're in a forest, mate," I replied, shrugging off his insult as uncertainty mixed with adolescent cockiness.
"Who knows what's right and wrong?" I finished, choosing not to get into my reasoning with someone unreasonable.
"Fuck that limey fruit!" I heard the cocky kid's friend say from behind me.
"He can get himself lost. Let's get moving in the RIGHT direction!" He spoke loudly to make sure I heard, but I wasn't about to waste my time picking fights with children.
It only served to make me dread my kids' teenage years more than I already did.
I still heard their voices in the distance as I made my way through the trees, but I felt no need to register their words. After walking for a little while, I came to a clearing in the trees that housed a large, stone altar with the words: 'When the Moon is Full, They Come to Play,' carved into it.
I rubbed my fingers across the tablet, and found myself surprised and slightly impressed that it felt like cold and bumpy stone. They really had spared no expense with this place.
"Daddy!" I heard my daughter's voice call from somewhere ahead.
"Sarah!" I yelled out with my heart racing.
Had she gotten lost in here? Could Jess and Jeremy be out there too?
"Daddy, help me!" She shouted with panic in her voice.
"I'm coming, Punkin! Just keep calling out and I'll follow your voice!" I yelled out as I ran in the direction of the sound.
No matter how fast I ran, her words seemed to grow no closer. Branches whipped me in the face as I weaved in and out of trees, but I could not find my daughter anywhere.
"Daddy! He's hurting me!" She cried out, causing my movements to become even more erratic as panic swelled in my chest.
"Daddy Daddy Daddy…" her voice kept calling with each repetition of my moniker coming from a different direction.
I spun in place and became dizzy from jerking my head at a new angle for every repetition of my daughter's words.
"Daddy Daddy Daddy….," Continued to echo through the woods as the voice grew deeper and more menacing than my child was capable of sounding.
"Daddy," was said calmly one final time from directly behind me.
It was not even close to Sarah's voice anymore. It now sounded gargled and hauntingly deep. I noticed a scent of something foul coming from where the words were spoken, and I felt heavy breaths brush across the back of my neck.
"Help me, Daddy," the voice at my rear said before I slowly turned around.
I found my jaw hanging wide once more when I turned to see the fleshy and wrinkled chest of what appeared to be some sort of monstrous parody of my sweet little girl. It stood probably nine or ten feet tall, and two to three times as wide as I.
Two muscled and deformed arms hung almost to the ground, beside far skinnier and boney legs. The chest looked emaciated behind the stretched and torn unicorn t-shirt Sarah had been wearing today.
The large head had a low hanging jaw that lay open and drooling while jutted out in an unsettling and crooked underbite. Two different sized, though still enlarged eyes looked down on me.
They were the exact same shade of grey-blue as my daughter's. The red hair that was tied back into a ponytail sprouted out from somewhere in the back of the thing's head.
"You're not her!" I exclaimed, slowly backing away from the creature wearing the shredded clothes my girl had worn this very day.
"Daddy!" It whined, which sounded almost like the guttural moans of a large and wounded animal.
"Don't you love me anymore?" Wailed out while it walked closer with it's elongated arms stretched out towards me.
I continued backing away, shaking my head from side to side. I was trying to convince myself that this was not some sort of abomination formed from a cruel experiment on my baby girl, but that very thought was stabbing into me more and more.
"You're not her, you're not her" I said over and over like some sort of bargaining prayer as tears flowed down my face.
"But Daddy, it's meeeeeeee!" It called out one last time before something pointed and barbed sprouted from her chest.
The creature coughed and gargled on blood that began to rise up from its throat and out of its mouth. It fell to its knees and slumped over onto the ground to reveal a jagged tree branch had been gouged through it's flesh.
"You ok man?" The heavily breathing voice of the taller of the twenty-something guys said as he ran around from behind the beast that lay on the forest floor.
It cried out one final, "Daaddyyyyy!" before the long arm it reached up at me flopped to the ground. A single choking breath passed it's mutated lips before it lay still and silent.
I was still shaking my head from side to side, entranced by the mutated thing that wore my daughter's clothes as it spilled dark blood across the leaves and pine straw on the ground.
"W-what the fuck is g-going on?" I asked the boy who was now helping me back up to my feet.
I hadn't even realized I had dropped to a sitting position until I felt his arms wrap around me.
Beginning to regain my senses and composure, I looked at the kid who had impaled the thing that now lay lifeless. He had a deep gash across his left eyebrow, and the right sleeve of his shirt had been torn off.
Another four people came staggering through the trees and I saw that they had all apparently been through some shit.
The other kid in his twenties was limping while bracing himself with a long and solid branch. His right knee appeared to be covered in blood and wrapped with the sleeve from his friend's shirt.
The teenage boy with the dark haired girlfriend appeared unharmed, but she clung onto him in a much more convincing fashion than her flirtatious manner before.
The other girl was on the ground, sobbing into her hands. Her outfit was covered in blood and her stockings were torn on both shins, where twin gashes leaked through the splits.
"This ain't no fucking game," the boy perched on the heavy branch said.
The one who saved me from the approaching monstrosity went on to explain that they were attacked by some sort of hunched over creatures, with long fur covering their bodies and sharp claws on their hands.
The arrogant kid who wore the letterman jacket thought they were part of the show and approached them to take a selfie. One of the beasts bit into his throat, and the other tore off the arm that held the cell phone outstretched.
A battle had ensued which caused the shredding of the one guy's knee, and the gashes across the shins of the dead teens girlfriend. They managed to kill the animals, or whatever they were, but it wasn't easy. The cheerleader wrestled to wake her boyfriend up, her shock convincing her that he 'wasn't hurt that badly'.
"Jesus Christ!" I exclaimed, still taking glances at the thing that had pretended to be my daughter.
"God, I hope it was pretending," the voice in the back of my head argued.
I shook my head as if to shake such thoughts away. Regardless of whatever these things were, hidden away in the trees, I was terrified at the thought of my family being out there somewhere.
"We gotta get moving," the tall kid said, "No telling what else is out there."
The teenage couple helped the sobbing girl up and wrapped their arms around her. The other guy assisted his friend with the bandaged leg, and we began walking, though we were thoroughly lost by now.
On our journey through the trees, we heard rustling leaves and stampeding feet, but nothing else sprung out at us. It took us some time, but after walking for God knows how long, we all shared sighs of relief when we approached a parting of the trees that led to concrete pavement.
The solid pathway led directly to another flight of stairs, which resembled those that may descend into a subway tunnel. I checked my phone again to see that I had still not received a word from my wife, and I was terrified to think what my family may be facing right now.
I was worried that they may still be on the floor that we were now leaving behind, but something told me they were still ahead of us. I couldn't put my finger on what was convincing me of that, but somehow I knew I had to keep going.
Once again, the shoddy lights flickered above our heads as we made our way down to the next floor. I had no way of knowing what still lay ahead of us, but the first floor paled in comparison to the second.
I've never been a religious man, but I can't say I didn't internally say a small prayer as we walked down into the darkness below.
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2021.10.20 22:17 Flat-Site-3061 LOOKING FOR SCHOLARSHIP

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2021.10.20 22:17 Brownboysea We’re not strangers to Love… you know the rules…

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2021.10.20 22:17 Savvykraken How many copies of the original Star Wars trilogy do I need? How many times will I watch them? Difficult to see, always in motion is the future.

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2021.10.20 22:17 Due-Hunter9566 ☠️ Grand Piece ☠️ | Early project with great community on discord | Don't miss this fairlaunch with 5000 USD in liquidity | Coinhunt listed tomorrow

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2021.10.20 22:17 Showyaman Sorry guys, my bad

I turned on the game with us up 21 and just turned it off 3 min ago. I apologize for the Hornets massive run, damn my bad luck watching away games.
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2021.10.20 22:17 iHack215 First Time Listening

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2021.10.20 22:17 shawtydrip Partner won’t let me play games

My partner and I have been together 7 months. I play an online video game with my friend, my partner has now joined the game and they play with us but it has turned into where I’m not allowed to play the game without my partner being there to play. Today I got on the game and asked my partner if they wanted to play and they didn’t so I went on to play with my friend, my partner could hear the game over the call and got very angry with me that I would play without them. They started a fight about it and I have no idea what to do, was I in the wrong?
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2021.10.20 22:17 Justforfun_x Is 1 a lucky number?

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2021.10.20 22:17 devsidev T_Sensor fan curve not working!

Weird, I have an Asus Rog Strix X470-F Gaming Mobo. I just finished my custom loop, and decided to adjust fan curve in bios based on T_Sensor header. The sensor clearly works. I can see temps between 29-34' in my BIOS under T_Sensor. (Thats reservoir temp.) However, under Q-FAN settings. I set source to T_Sensor, Control=PWM Mode, and Profile is as follows:
Upper = 70 Duty % = 100
Middle = 50 Duty % = 60
Lower = 20 Duty % = 20

Nothing happens. I change of these values, the fans don;'t change speed at all. I have 3 rad fans, daisy chained and plugged in to the CHA_FAN3 header.
This works when source is CPU I can control the fan speeds, but T_Sensor simply doesn't work as a source. Any ideas? Thanks!
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2021.10.20 22:17 Character-Tear-3415 New edit product dashboard?

Is this updated for everyone or is this for being a pro seller?
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2021.10.20 22:17 Due-Hunter9566 ☠️ Grand Piece ☠️ | Early project with great community on discord | Don't miss this fairlaunch with 5000 USD in liquidity | Coinhunt listed tomorrow

☠️The first project related to the One Piece series arrives at BSC, join our community to multiply your portfolio with our favorite characters.
The launch will take place this Friday, we will do the best publicity we can to reach more than 100K marketcap, help us by sharing this project with your friends.
💳 How To Buy? 💳
🏷️ Contract Address: 0xDC63876782185a80aAC0C5b4E736597c91C54F4d
🍰 Pancakeswap:https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0xDC63876782185a80aAC0C5b4E736597c91C54F4d
🔹 Renounced https://bscscan.com/token/0xDC63876782185a80aAC0C5b4E736597c91C54F4d#readContract
🔐 Liquidity Lock 365 DAY : https://deeplock.io/lock/0xda95bff360f288bfac818a2e67a3a5230dbad092
🌍 Website: Coming soon
Concept creation
Release of whitepaper
Website launch
1000 Telegram members
Meme development
1000 holders
10000 telegram members
Marketing campaign
Listing on coingecko
Listing on coinmarketcap
GrandPiece development
Increase marketing
Poocoin ads
First NFT about GrandPiece
⚙ Total supply: 1 Trillion
⚙ Dev wallet: 2%
⚙ Marketing wallet: 3%
⚙ Initial burn: 30%
⚙ Pancakeswap: 60%
Liquidity locked on Dx Sale
Ownership renounce
Don't miss this opportunity, we will hit +100K marketcap
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2021.10.20 22:17 insultspecialist [FT] Valiant Statues [LF] flowers or whatev.

Long story, I have REAL Valiant Statues.. and by that, I mean like 20. Don't ask. Joke gone wrong. Whatever. You want one? I will take 20 flowers or whatever you want to give. Idc. Comment and I'll hit you up. :)
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