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2021.12.05 13:17 DrCuckmanOrgy69 TIFU by successfully pushing through the friendzone, only to be cuckolded in a full blown orgy that same weekend

Before I kick this off I need to share a couple of things.

My grandmother’s dog would bark to go outside and I would ignore it. I would just wait until it stopped. I wouldn’t even bother to look for what ever type of excrement it produced. I likely wouldn’t have been able to find it by sight or even by smell. The house was hoarded to the maximum extent possible. There were mountains of needless objects, trash and forgotten ideas that existed only to negate the world from using any of the space in which they resided. My grandmother had built a scale model of a landfill indoors. I didn’t care about anything that happened in that house, with its rotted sweet stench and legion of sickly animals that lived inside. I lived there with my grandmother and father. This arrangement was the result of both parents’ alcoholism driving our family into catastrophe. I was displaced from schools, and homes. My father was drunk everyday and my mother lived 80 miles away. I was a grossly overweight boy with dandruff caked hair down my back. I had undiagnosed ADHD and chronic depression. I was angry and full of self pity and struggled for a reason to get out of bed and skipped loads of school. I would wake up in the morning and before I even opened my eyes I knew I wouldn’t be showering, getting my things in order and getting in the car. Too exhausting, too hard. I failed many classes and only graduated due to the pity that some teachers took on me. I had no resources to rely on and was completely lost and self destructive and could not sort out what problems I could change what problems I couldn’t. But how else could it be? I was no adult and I was too broken to tell the difference. I had a few friends and the love of music and those things are what carried me.
I played drums and percussion in the school band. Karen was also a member of the school band and played clarinet. She was a talented singer and listened to music that other people didn't. She was funny, cool and everyone in our social circle liked her. She was more honest than other people I knew, and while not overly emotional, she was not afraid to hide those emotions. She was fiercely loyal to the people she cared about. We were casual school friends and that’s about as far as that cable went. She asked me for a ride home once because her Celica was broken down. I obliged. She didn’t live far so it was barely a favor. Since her car, like most high schoolers cars, was a piece of shit, this arrangement continued for longer than she expected. We would have great conversations about nothing of value on our daily commute. We got along well and she asked if I wanted to go to one of our school’s sporting events, which we did. I had never hung out with a girl like that; just the two of us. I don’t remember much of our night out but it is paramount to the story because that’s when I sensed her perfume and saw her cool dark jacket and noticed other details and mannerisms that I had not seen before. She seemed to be made from more flesh than she was when she was just sitting in my car on our rides home. I had absorbed these details and created a point of origin in my mind where a faint glow now resided.
We began to hang out more and more. We graduated and it’s the heart of summer and we’ve turned 18. I would be at her house every day and we would watch movies and play the piano together and I saw her room and all her clothes and the things she owned. Its warm hardwood floors and the neatly pasted photographs of friends and family that covered the wall surrounding her bed. All the posters and CD’s and drawings and important things she put parts of herself into to create her own space. We spent so much time together. We went to concerts and cinemas and parties and family events. We visited my mother and she bought us dinner. I drank beer with her father once. And an overlay of her visage started appearing in my vision when I wasn’t with her and it grew sharper and harder to avoid every day.
And she had a serious boyfriend since day one of this story. His name was Aaron and he treated her like shit (he spoke his mind and shared his emotions with her). He never spent time with her (he had a job). He didn’t like the same things she liked (he was a whole person, not a diminutive boot-licker).
I had fallen in love with her, but I don’t think that’s a good word for it. I appreciated Karen immensely. But my infatuation was with the idea of this person, and not as she was set and given to the world. I wanted what I couldn’t have and I knew she was better than me and I wondered what it would be like to touch her naked body and drown myself in the space she presided in and the world would be just me and her terminus would be whatever part of her I chose not to touch.
Once, she and some other people were in my car and she had a gallon of milk in her lap. She said it was “so cold it was hurting her pussy” and that someone needed to take it. Someone did give her relief and took the milk and that was the finality of it for them but I was squirming in my seat. Pussy. I remember being flabbergasted. I felt uneasy. That was too much, too adult. Too assertive. Look at your immature and stunted narrator driving his car with sweaty palms. What I don’t remember is why the fuck a bunch of 17 and 18 year olds were driving around with just a solitary gallon of milk. It must’ve been an errand by a parent. Most of us still lived at home.
At some point my feelings could not be contained anymore and I emotionally threw up and told her I was in love with her over the phone and it changed our dynamic. She gave me an honest answer and said it upset her to hear because she had been feeling pretty balanced as of late and our friendship was a big reason for that and I shook that balance out of true. I didn’t have a counterpoint to that. I felt like I had disassembled something that I didn’t know how to put back together. No important event or milestone took place between this point and the next point of the story. There was a lot of assurances from each of us that everything was fine. There was a need to navigate this new modifier to our friendship and we struck enough of a balance to maintain what we considered to be a positive relationship or whatever, but I never stopped feeling that way.
Whenever her thong snuck out the back of her pants I felt like I would throw up from the ache in my stomach if I stared too long.
We were best friends.
Some time later, her and her boyfriend stopped getting along. They fought quite a bit and of course I had all sorts of observations on that. We discussed him pretty often and I never had anything to say that wasn’t biased in my favor. Nothing objective. No advice that was only for the purpose of putting her in a good place. I didn’t know that then but I know that now. To her it may have simply been advice from one of her closest friends. Maybe she knows what I know now as well. Maybe she always did. I couldn’t say.
There had been argument between them one morning and it was bad enough that it left the itch of corrosion within her long after. She and I were riding in the backseat of someones car in the evening of that day. We had been talking about Aaron before but that was long past. We were sitting in a pleasant silence now, taking in the smooth night drive, and it seemed as if the universe was calibrated from a different reference point in that twilight. More possibilities. Maybe the other people in the car have their own special memories from that drive that don’t include us. We were huddled on the same side of the car, our heads together, cushioned by our long hair. It was warm in the car and it felt good. I had enveloped my arm around her so deeply that I could nearly touch my own chest. We watched the sparse light of the highway. I felt her hand start to glide smoothly over mine and I moved my gaze from the window to watch. Then our fingers locked in place as if we were guided by a third party to that resolution.
Late that evening, at her kitchen table, when her home had quieted down for the night and the only light by which to see was a small singularity from some unknown appliance, she said she really didn’t want to try with Aaron anymore and that they should break up. She said she didn’t know why she was even with him because she had something better in front of her the whole time. There was a pause. I could just make out the heavily shadowed face in front of me start to smile. “You” she said. And she grabbed my hands. I felt my cheeks get hot and I put my head down and then I looked up at her and smiled as well. We giggled and touched one another innocently but in ways we couldn’t have before. Then our delicate horseplay died down, and we hugged for a long time and then I went home.
To this day I don’t know exactly why this happened. Looking back I think she was too intelligent to naturally want this and I worry that the only reason is because I slowly manipulated her into it. I just can’t see it. I was a human cataclysm. I could barely manipulate myself into use a toothbrush and I sometimes failed at that. But, I really don’t want to make conjecture or officially release what may be an a insult to her intelligence out into the ether so I will leave this alone.
She broke up with Aaron the next day.
We met up at an alcohol-free party the next night. We intended on spending the night and we did just that. My lack of memories of the party itself tells me it wasn’t worth remembering. I just recall wanting to be alone with Karen. Sometime after the engagement people began to settle down for the night. Everyone took up positions in various places of the living room. Karen laid with me on the couch. Once everyone had gone to sleep and we were all alone, I moved her face to mine and I kissed her. It was for just a few seconds and it was soft and special. It was good. It was a good thing that happened to me. We slept on the couch together. I drooled in her hair while I slept. The next morning we all went home and before I left, I kissed her again.
This was the most elated I had ever felt. A senseless, powerful and probably somewhat dangerous sense of euphoria that had been growing inside of me for days. I probably shouldn’t have been driving. This was never something I reasonably expected to happen. I had this all encompassing thing going on in my life and I never gave any thought to the fact that it would end one way or another. This isn’t a normal outcome for relationships like this and I haven’t seen one resolve this way in the 18 years since.
The same day, in the late afternoon, we held hands and walked into Walmart because she needed to replenish her art supplies. Our first public appearance as a couple. Let them see! Let them watch! She abruptly gets a call from her now ex-boyfriend and they start to argue and discuss things that were bigger than me and more mature. I distinctly remember her saying “No, he doesn't just want me for my body!” I felt a sense of pious satisfaction at that. They were on the phone for a long time. She quit trying to stay put together and broke down in tears. I didn’t know what else to do so I cried too. And when we got back to her house she was so distant. She was so overwhelmed with me, Aaron and probably other things in her life that I didn’t ever pay attention to. I didn’t know what else to do so I tried to make out with her. Then she became even more distant and quiet. I didn’t know what else to do so I just left. I was confused but a part of me did know that the integrity of this thing was comprised and anything built on top would have an imperfect foundation. I cried and I was afraid.
This is a strange point in the story for this interjection but I’d like to share something for another angle of perspective: Earlier that year, Aaron invited me over to his house so him and Karen could throw a birthday party for me. Mutual friends of ours and my own friends were invited.
I talked to her at work the next day and brought her her favorite! A Vanilla Coke! She said even though we were trying to take our relationship to the next level what she really needed last night was a friend and that I needed to be able to be both to be with her and that she didn’t know what she wanted and was just so overwhelmed and confused by her life and then finally that she was invited to a party at Bill’s house and that she was going to go. I said I would be there and she made it quite clear that she didn’t care whether I went or not. I knew that to be a true statement but on the other side of her voice I could detect that this was also warning . And I think that warning was “Come at your own risk motherfucker.” As usual, I didn’t know what the fuck else to do so I went!
The rest of this story is NSFW and maybe NSFL until the bitter end. Be prepared for graphic depictions of ess-eee-eks
Its Saturday night and we’re at Bill’s house who we used to go to school with and knew to a cursory extent. In fact, everyone at this party is an ex-classmate. We’re outside having a fire. She’s wearing a loose top with a visible bra and she’s slightly drunk. She’s all over me and some other people as well and sitting on my lap and peeing in the woods and telling stories I ain’t never heard before. She seemed to be more raw, more angry, and yet somehow happier. Bill and his girlfriend Jan are touching so much it’s insane. She’s touching his buldge and they are whispering things and just being really playful and physical and looking around at everyone. Karen is hovering. There is not an ounce of apprehension or dissonance within her about the couple.
Years ago in high school there was a rumor that Karen, Bill and Jan had a threeway and that rumor, along with high school, had long been forgotten about.
Bill’s dog started lazily barking at something and Karen jokingly and sort of self deprecatingly said it was calling her a slut. “You’re a slut slut slut slut!!” I had never heard anything like it from her.
All these things I saw yet didn’t see.
Bill exclaims loudly in his U.S. Army voice that he’s BORED and he wants to DO SOMETHING ELSE and the SOMETHING ELSE he suggests is STRIP POKER.
And at that Bill, Jan and Karen got up and those 3 people became permanently separated from the other people who were sitting by the fire drinking wine coolers and fidgeting with their key lanyards. They made a commitment to something older, more severe. It was obvious that the girls were waiting on Bill’s blessing and they turned on a dime and the trio went towards the house.
Also in attendance was a skinny guy named Red who I knew to be a subpar bass player. Like everyone else he was enjoying the party and also Karen’s company. I could see the gears turning in his head and he got up and trailed just behind the group on their journey into the house. When opportunity knocks, brother.
My choices were simple: Be brave and go see for myself or ache from butterflies sticking to the lining of my stomach, as I wallow in frustration because I would never know what happened. Those moments would be theirs to own for all time. Very secret moments that would be grave and serious to me. It would hurt too much.
I’ve always been a dogshit poker player but I still decided to go in and give it the ol’ college try. I’m not sure if I really was brave for doing something I knew to be emotionally dangerous or if I was just following Karen around like a lost dog even when it was clear that the straw effigy I created in my mind of this relationship was engulfed in flames.
We were led to an unfinished basement with low ceilings and a visible subfloor of the room above and there were 3 couches and a big square coffee table in the middle that was finished with a cheap blonde stained veneer. It was a hang out spot that looked like it was used often. Where the 4th couch would’ve been to complete the square was a TV that was not in use. All around the social space were things like boxes, and totes. Some labeled some not. Senseless objects in vague organization, holiday decorations, an old treadmill. It was such a fucking basement.
Bill says that we may try something else and forgo the strip poker. He pulls out his customized game of Jenga that had sexual suggestions written on the blocks. It was engineered to work in tandem with some novelty dice that would also aid in sexual ideas. I don’t remember how the mechanics of the game worked. It doesn’t matter. It was not so much a game as it was a warm up exercise. It turns out that I was worse at this game than I was at poker but then again, so was anyone who played it. That’s how you win the game: by losing. And you can only lose.
I was wearing jeans, black Red Wing boots and a black t shirt. Karen was next to me on one couch. Bill and Jan were on another and Red the stowaway was on the couch across from Karen and I.
We started the game. Some clothes like socks were lost and some silly teasing and horseplay occurred. Bill came over and gave me a lap dance and it was hilarious. He put a lot of work into it. People took off shoes and parodied a real strip tease but with just shoes.
Karen lost her bra but stayed in her shirt.
Red lost his shirt.
I was drinking some imbecilic mix drink made of something sweet and a clear liquor. Everyone else was drinking as well although I don’t know what. Probably something you wouldn’t order at a bar.
Everything starting moving fast after Jan had been given some unknown instruction from the game and started rubbing Bill’s dick over his jeans. Bill breathed through his nose really hard and contorted his face and I could tell he took sex seriously.
Sometime later we were all naked which was so difficult for me to do because I was so self-conscious of my body. The other guys were fit and looked good naked. They obviously took care of themselves. As far as the women were concerned, I am a cis straight man and they were a textbook definition of what I find attractive. And that is all I’ll say as far as these peoples’ bodies were concerned. A portion of their private atomic history that resides within the totality of the universe was already taken to tell this greasy, rotten tale and I will take no more. I’m not writing porn here and if you’re aroused by any of what’s to come then I don't know what to tell you. Seek professional help maybe.
The game was delivering all sorts of tasks for us to complete. I had put Karen’s breasts in my mouth, she had kissed me and Bill and Red. I had halfheartedly kissed Jan’s neck. I had sucked Karen’s feet, which unlocked a few doors inside me that I kicked open opened years later and Karen exclaimed that it was a huge turn on as well. I’m sure there are many more scenarios that have permanently degraded from my memory. Maybe us guys triple kissed, maybe we all quintuple kissed, maybe I sucked everyone’s feet, who the fuck knows.
Before this, the only sexual thing I had ever done was make out with a girl on the band bus a couple years ago and played with an older girl’s boobs once when I was brain-dead middle schooler.
I was mesmerized. There was a lot that I was curious about and it was being solved. I felt high. I was high. High as hell on my own human chemicals.
For the most part, everything was still occurring at the bequest of the game
The air in the room started to become thick and there was a complete lack of sexual tension because it was allowed to flow freely. We were adding additional tasks to the ones already served by the game. Turns would start before another finished.
The next round, Karen sat next to Red and I was alone. She straddled him and kissed him out of turn. She kept doing it and she stayed over there with him. I did not participate in the game with anyone after that.
Bill said we should all sit on the same couch and we all did and the game was over.
All of my senses aligned and I saw a clear image of the of the wall I was speeding toward when in complete silence the men watched Jan and Karen passionately kissing each-other, completely naked, body to body. It was as if they wanted to both pull themselves into each-other until the front of their spines met, groping eachothers backs and trying desperately to find the fulcrum that would allow them to do this. I had seen girls kiss to appeal to sexist demands or to screw around but this was different. This was serious and ritualistic. No more fucking around.
It was announced by Bill that we were going to Bill’s room. The door was right by the TV . We got up from the couch and went in the room. Bill killed the lights and turned on some music and there is no other way, no prose suited to convey the message better than the simple facts: This was an orgy. I was pledged to be a part of genuine group sex and the soundtrack was Outkast and shit got out of hand immediately.
Bill kissed Karen deeply and fingered her and then kissed Jan and fingered her as well and then I kissed Karen and then I was on my knees kissing and licking Karen’s vagina as she pulled my hair, while Red touched her all over from behind. I reached over and rubbed Jan’s clit while still attached like a lamprey to Karen. Then Karen was giving Red a sloppy blowjob and I was fingering both Karen and Jan. Bill was exploring any unused attractions on the women that he could find. All of our fingers and orifices had a slight sheen to them and any observers would’ve sworn that they’d seen moments where there were more groping hands than the people present could produce. Everyone seemed barely conscious and I was hanging on for dear life.
Bill handed out condoms to me and Red with a sort of reverence and then proceeded to put his on and have jackhammer sex with Jan. I didn't touch another person but myself for the rest of the night.
I aimlessly masturbated as Karen was laid down and Red had sex with her. Her arms brushed my legs slightly at each thrust. Bill bent Jan over perpendicular to Karen and made her touch Karen’s breasts and kiss her. I’m present for this like some sort of idiot referee. Bill and Jan end up having sex behind me and Karen is riding Red in the computer chair nearby. I sat alone on the edge of the bed and I stop touching myself as aimlessly as I started.
Bill’s condom could not contain his might and it breaks. He asks if I still have mine and I say yes, his girlfriend on standby on top of him. I gave it to him and he gives me a winded “thanks dude” and gets back to work. And there you have it. I didn’t even open the bastard. I couldn’t tell you what brand it was. I hadn’t even looked at it. I sat with it like it was a numbered ticket from the DMV. I was just a slack jawed witness and I stopped being a member to this congress a very long time ago.
Red and Karen change positions and I lay down and meekly suggest in a sludgy panic that Karen go down on me as Red’s bending her over. I had to have looked and sounded absurd. My long hair spread across my face and the bed, my fat abdominal compartments coming to rest in strange configurations. She refused. I had never asked anyone that question in my life and here I am with these seasoned veterans and I try to say something like that. I was in over my head. I bought her Vanilla Coke. This was a literal fuckfest. Everyone was either fucking someone’s brains fucked out or getting their brains fucked out. My whole world was Bill’s room but I didn’t belong. I didn’t even want to touch Karen anymore. I didn’t want to be me. I didn’t even want to be involved with this and still be me. I wanted to be someone else. I sat back up in the same way I had laid down but in reverse and resumed sitting down in the same way I had been.
I’m existing in this room like a pointless decoration and I’m contemplating everything that had ever happened to me in my entire life. Red and Karen change positions again and Red looks down to me and says “aww man poor [my name]” and Karen says in her out of breath sex voice “dont worry about him”. I detected a hint of frustration from her at him for sexually ignoring her for even a second. Then she started riding him on the computer chair again.
I took one last inventory of my environment. There was still music playing and it seemed to be the only thing in the room more ignored than I was. Far louder was the drone of rhythmic sex. They had reached a plateau. They had given themselves over to their own sexuality completely. The computer was spewing out soft frantic light from windows media player’s visualizer. It encased Karen’s face in a blue hue at intervals, a slow strobe effect on her. Her eyes closed, riding him, working so hard to use the structure of his body in the best way to make herself cum.
Everything I had ever learned or inferred about the world came crashing down on me. Megatons. Painful weight on my chest. I wished I was dead. Drop me into a crucible filled with molten lead and then drop the slug into the fucking ocean once it’s cured.
I got up to excuse myself from the embarrassment. I had to walk around some sex act to get out of there.
I liberated myself from that room and right into one of Bill’s friends sitting on the couch playing The PlayStation non-classic Bogey Dead 6, looking like some fucking stupid apparition eternally cursed to salute any participant who completes one of Bill’s orgies. I half expected him to say “Hello traveller!” His name was George and I was always annoyed by that son of a bitch. I sat and got dressed and he brought up the orgy and said something about Bill always getting a shower afterwards and it’s obvious George doesn’t participate and I look at him, and the white gold chain he was wearing and I look at the TV and I thought that maybe Bill and George had a bizarre dynamic. George had painted his car crayon yellow and left the maroon interior as it was and it looked like a taxi for idiots.
Just as I finished getting dressed, one of them emerged to fetch clothes and went back into the room. Then they all departed up the stairs half-clothed a minute or two later and no one made eye contact with anyone. It turns out I didn’t even get to excuse myself for a large portion of it. Red must have came all over Karen’s stomach just minutes after I left! got to stay for almost the whole thing!
George followed the super-stars up the steps and outside. I didn’t want to leave or do anything or go anywhere. I thought Bill would come downstairs and kick me out eventually.
I did leave a long time later and was witnessed by the entire group as I walked out the door. They were just sitting outside by the fire which was reduced to coals. All the other guests had left long ago. I don’t know what they were talking about or what the atmosphere was like but my eyes met Karen’s as I was walking to my car and we shared a look that I will never be able to decipher. When I got in my fox body mustang I slammed the door so hard that it never shut right again. I pulled out and dropped the clutch and squealed the tires and sped off into the night. I didn’t try to make a statement, it just happened.
I made it home and sat in the car for a few minutes staring at the dark void of the forest behind my house. I walked into my backyard and laid down staring at the stars. I remember it was a hot night set in the final days of summer. I think I was relieved to be in solitude and unexposed and removed from the salt and sweat and games and musk of genitals and alcohol and the fire smell.
I took a walk. I walked the edge of the road west towards town. It was so late even the drunk drivers were off the streets.
I saw a dead cat. I stood awhile and looked at it and then moved on.
I came upon a small baptist church a few miles away and knocked on the door. I don’t know what I was expecting as it was 4:00 am. Someone answered. It was the pastor. They were having some sleepover where the kids camped in the church and I bet they ate pizza and played games and for every secular activity they were allowed, a lesson on god’s good grace was required in return. I was politely and rightfully denied entrance on the grounds that I looked like a half drunken shambling mess whose intentions could not be telegraphed. I really didn’t know why I was there in the first place because I didn’t even go to church and I started my trek home. I thought maybe there was some significance to the fact that someone was actually there to greet me but I never found one and didn’t spend much time thinking about it. The church probably did it every weekend.
I went into my room that also was filled with things that I put myself into to create my own space. CD’s without their case, broken CD cases for those same CD’s, posters from bands I didn’t listen to anymore, the clean clothes pile, the multiple dirty clothes piles, knickknacks, wires, cables, guitar picks, empty deodorant casings, pocketknives, drumsticks, VHS tapes, my dust covered TV. My room was so messy I couldn’t see the floor. I couldn’t reach my dresser or closet but there wasn’t anything I needed anyways. The closet contained some of my grandmother’s old things and the dresser contained clothes I had gained too much weight to fit into. The room’s sediment composition was a layer of things, a layer of debris, and then the carpet. There were cobwebs in the corners of the yellow ceiling, magic the gathering cards nailed to the door, movie and TV quotes carved into the window sill. There were folded and stepped on photographs, and uncountable soda cans in the places that weren’t filled up by other objects, making the project of having no usable practical space complete. There were rags, and stains and used paper towels and broken glass and dust mites, spiders and books that the dog’s had peed on and school papers with an even distribution of grades ranging from B to F. It was nothing like Karen’s room.
I laid down on my old steel frame hospital bed and it’s spring filled vinyl mattress responded with a bouncing creak.
One hand sat behind my head staring at the cracked plaster above me. I had a thought and I laughed.
You’re better than this, I thought to myself.
But the fact was, you weren’t better than that. And as the sun started to come up on the horizon I masturbated into the toilet thinking about all the mayhem I encountered at Bill’s house.
TL/DR: I was depressed, I fell in love with a girl, was “friendzoned” but ended up dating her, screwed everything up and by a sick turn of events ended up in an orgy watching her have sex with someone else.
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Hey have you seen Niles?
I'm just trying to reach him now.
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2021.12.05 13:17 CWBigfoot How is the rec since the left/right patch?

I stopped playing the game cause me and my friend couldn’t stop low/mid 90 guards since they constantly did that 1 thing over and over again. Was thinking about hopping back into the game and getting into the rec since the patch came out.
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2021.12.05 13:17 surveycircle_bot Santorini's island promotion

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2021.12.05 13:17 outerattacks should i be getting all of my cats dewormed if there are signs of worms to prevent reinfection or do only the cats that have it, need it?

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2021.12.05 13:17 69bob69thebuilder69 w/l

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2021.12.05 13:17 reverendbobflair should 2k get rid of badges?

i believe they are pointless. ex: if i have a 95 driving dunk and a 95 vertical why would i need a badge?
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2021.12.05 13:17 ManieJHG How can we watch the fight?

I feel Showtime shouldn't be the only stream provider? It's only available to select countries out of the US. I'm in South Africa and cand find any other way than using a VPN?
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2021.12.05 13:17 ReadinessReviews HBO MRE Aftermath | Vietnam Era LRP Ration TASTE TEST | Eating Old Food with John Wilson from How To

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2021.12.05 13:17 RennaWrites Amaris Academy is recruiting for it's fourth year!

Calling all roleplayers! I co-run a roleplay that is based at a Magic Academy in Salem, MA, and takes place in the modern-day. The RP surrounds the life of college-age students who are learning to control their magical element/abilities, involving a rich storyline, as well the ability to create your own narratives. Essentially you can choose out of 6 elements. Air, Fire, Earth, Spirit, Light, and Water, unless you choose to be a first-year which we refer to as unclaimed and lasts about 16 weeks, which is a school year in our universe. It's pretty active, so if you're looking to make friends and whatnot or, just have an idle convo then it would be the perfect place for you. I have linked a copy of our handbook, it's pretty extensive but will give you an overview of who we are and what we're about. If you're interested, feel free to shoot me a message, and I will be sure to answer any questions you have as well as provide you with a link to our discord if you'd like to get a feel for it since we are recruiting into our second school year. 18+
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2021.12.05 13:17 Surpentstone the world was given and babylon was destined to fall

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2021.12.05 13:17 Madridsta120 Only Andrew Yangs Forward Party is discussing the mass automation during the pandemic being caused by COVID and great resignation.

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2021.12.05 13:17 VeganSisters This year for our holiday baking we decided to try out Wholesome Bakery's Vegan and Gluten Free baking mixes 😊 . Their ingredients are vegan, organic, gluten and soy free and contain no refined sugar. We had so much fun baking them and they were delicious! Highly recommend!!

This year for our holiday baking we decided to try out Wholesome Bakery's Vegan and Gluten Free baking mixes 😊 . Their ingredients are vegan, organic, gluten and soy free and contain no refined sugar. We had so much fun baking them and they were delicious! Highly recommend!! submitted by VeganSisters to glutenfreerecipes [link] [comments]

2021.12.05 13:17 Dextive69 Do healing critical rate and critical heal bonus affect damage?

As the title mentions, do heal crit rate and crit damage let me crit more and harder with healing spells like skewer and holy bolt or does it only help healing?
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