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Rooftop battle

2021.12.05 14:02 jflores69 Rooftop battle

So does anyone know like at what episode will the rooftop battle, where the supernovas fight the emperors, happen?
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2021.12.05 14:02 turndowntodown Türkiye'deki liseler hangi qualification level oluyor?

GCE O'Level ya da A level, IB lise öğrenimi diplomaları gibi Türkiye'deki Anadolu ve Fen liseleri hangisine dahil bilen var mı?
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2021.12.05 14:02 Wabi-Sabibitch You have been granted custom flair permissions on /r/CryptoCurrency . What is it and how do i use it?

Got this message :
Your contributions to /cryptocurrency have granted you access to custom flair options. You will continue to receive automatic flair until you apply a custom flair. In order to apply your desired flair, please click on this pre-formatted link.
Note: This can be used to change your flair as many times as you like. Emojis are not allowed and your submissions will be filtered if used.
Available CSS: Bitcoin, BitcoinShares, Bitcoin Cash fan, Dogecoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Monero, Dash, NEM, ETC, Ripple, Factom, NEO, OMG, ARK, Sia, Peercoin, Nxt, Namecoin, Waves, Iota, ZCASH, Altcoiner, Developer, Miner, Trader, Investor, Observer, Student, Entrepreneur, Analyst, Moon, Gentleman, Fan

Can someone tell me how and where can I use a custom flair?
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2021.12.05 14:02 Level-Ad3243 Where can I get rapid antigen testing done?

I’m looking for some place that’s relatively near the university but I have yet to find one
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2021.12.05 14:02 UjwalN Unable to install Numpy Pandas sklearn libraries on M1 Mac Pro

I have followed the official Apple guidelines to install the tensorflow- metal...
While installation everything was rough. I tried searching few online solutions and managed to perfectly install it. Now while installing the python essential libraries i.e., Numpy Pandas SkLearn Scipy etc I am unable to use them in my jupiter notebook.
I tried installing the libraries both by "conda install Library" and using conda-forge also.. But the results are the same..
The issue i am currently facing is while using the libraries the compiler is raising an error:
libcblas.dylib file is not found.
But I can find the same file in the specified directory: /Users/ujwalnagulapalli/miniforge3/lib
Previously while installation I found a similar issue . I resolved it using an simlink.
If anyone has a solution can you please tell me.
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2021.12.05 14:02 lucksp Is D Parker worth picking up?

And start over Deshaun Jackson?
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2021.12.05 14:02 WeegeeDaBoi Reminded Me of Brawl Ball

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2021.12.05 14:02 pork26 Illinois state government, please mail me an AR-15 with my ballot

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2021.12.05 14:02 Embarrassed_Writer11 saare jee 2023 wale apne backlog ka randi rona karo comments me mughe janna hai ki tum kitne paani me ho plss

read title
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2021.12.05 14:02 aphrodite_exe The Princess Bride!

This is just a fun little idea: what jobs would the Princess Bride characters have if they were in Storybrooke?
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2021.12.05 14:02 Alternative_Eagle660 I am sending you 1π! Pi is a new digital currency developed by Stanford PhDs, with over 25 million members worldwide. To claim your Pi, follow this link https://minepi.com/mascaocochise and use my username (mascaocochise) as your invitation code.

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2021.12.05 14:02 NiiazAI Welcome to MetaMorphz collection

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2021.12.05 14:02 rainingchain New Drop Calculator - Option to hide worthless items, Generate unique/set rolls, TC tree visualizer

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2021.12.05 14:02 _BATMAN______ How to change rgb color in H510 motherboard?

I've recently ensambled a Gigabyte h510m s2h, and got a led strip (compatible with most rgb software). Thing is, I can't change leds color. I've checked gigabyte fusion 2.0 support, and I confirmed the software is not compatible with my motherboard. In fact, I've checked mobo box, and there's no actual sign or label of any rgb software at all. So why would the mobo include the 4-pin 12v rgb header, if I can't change/sync lights at all?
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2021.12.05 14:02 HarrisonDiscord which do you think is worse? (trying to check something).

View Poll
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2021.12.05 14:02 eireanne_b If the 1920s were the “Roaring 20s”, what nickname would you give the 2020s?

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2021.12.05 14:02 Toxena Padoru callendar day 5 - Kiara

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2021.12.05 14:02 HornyHeracross Suzume [Maid Just Simply Love to Eat.]

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2021.12.05 14:02 FyahAnt H: Red Asylum Worker Uniform W: Leather coat, Traveling Leather Coat, Tattered Field Jacket, or Fasnacht Demon Mask

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2021.12.05 14:02 NegotiationOk53 Why don’t anybody try something?

Okay so I have been playing for 2000hours+ and what I have noticed is that most games that I don’t play with my friends I end up playing with people that doesn’t do anything. They don’t pick up the bounty and they never go for the revive they just sit in a corner, watching the wall and do nothing until the other team seeks them up instead of hunting them. What is this strategy? People don’t even place traps even though there is a box of beartraps right infront of them like wtf? What are you guys doing? Eating?
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2021.12.05 14:02 CaseBody As you stare at the green colours of Prince Théodred, remember: "No father should have to bury their child." Do not bring pain into the House of Eorl, nor in the House of HighonTea. Keep the Prince alive!

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2021.12.05 14:02 DimebagPants Non-Star Wars Fans: “You what?👀”

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2021.12.05 14:02 SmOotH_BrAiN_BriAn_ I don’t know what’s up but I don’t seem to be able to post photos on the sub. I’ve tried a few times and I don’t see them on here

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2021.12.05 14:02 arturlukin We Stayed at The Island on Lake Travis (full tour) | Resort Style Condos near Austin, TX | Travel Vlog

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2021.12.05 14:02 Hyhyhyhuh Adhd vent.

Not sure where this belongs. It doesn't feel ranty or vent enough. It's just something I want to say.
My roommate thinks I have never cleaned my room since I moved in.
She is blissfully unaware that I clean and trash it daily.
I need everything in my line of sight and since I moved in a month ago I have not been able to organize how I like, yet. It takes time.
So daily, I put things away, and then I have to take the ALL out again for my to properly work. Once I have it all perfectly organized, this won't be a problem.
But for now, its my routine.
She is about twice my age and constantly making little comments about how I should clean. The comments aren't big enough for me to say anything and honestly, I HATE explaining how I function to people.
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