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2021.12.05 14:48 elblackroute Meredith and I

I never considered reading to be my hobby. There is no satisfaction in sitting for hours and flipping through the pages of some novel.
I find it humorous how people are wasting their time in bookstores or libraries instead of doing something useful with their life.
Call me a negative nancy, if you so choose to.
However, I haven't got the faintest idea of why I feel such deep resentment.
When did the hate start? And why?
Was it in fourth grade, where a classmate of mine, let's call him Billy, threw my schoolbook through the 2nd story window of our classroom?
Or when I accidentally spilled nail polish over my grandma's Bible and she forced me to sit on my knees in the corner of the living room for four hours?
Or when the principal made me reshelve all the books in the library, as a punishment for catching me smoking on the school premises?
All the examples are somehow not enough to ignite my hatred, and I understand this. But, I never brought myself enough to care.
Not until five months ago.
My sister owned a pawnshop.
For those of you who do not know, a pawnshop is where you can exchange your valuables, such as rings or bracelets, and get money. If you return the money in a specific period, you get your valuables back. Fail to do so, and your items are going for sale.
Despite being siblings, we were never close. I strived to succeed in the business area and live in big cities, while my sibling was quite the opposite.
She never went to college. Instead, my sister settled in our hometown, taking care of the pawnshop.
I was proud she had her life together.
After our parents' death, we started to talk regularly. She asked me if I wanted a share from the house, but I left all the inheritance to her. After all, my sister was the one to stay with our parents till their death.
Again, we still felt distant. No matter what we talked about and how much we laughed during the phone calls, we remained strangers.
I lost count of how many times she invited me to visit her and how many times I declined.
My life was so complicated, and I hardly got any rest. I had to work. Days-off and Sick-days were foreign to me.
Holidays? What are those?
At least I made sure to call my sister and send her a present on every special occasion. She, on the other hand, never did. I was not mad at her.
Somehow, at the back of my mind, I was relieved.
And I didn't know why.
My sibling was a good person, back and front. There was nothing shady in her behavior.
I do not recall a memory of her being terrible in any way.
Yes, in her teenage years, she used to be a little wild.
But, honestly, who isn't at least a little rebellious during that period?
And no, my sister was not one of those manipulative psychopaths that people can't figure out until/if they get caught.
She was just an ordinary person, more or less.
Her name was Meredith, by the way. This information will be important later on.
On the 3rd of July 2021, I got a call from a close family friend. His name is Robert.
Meredith was shot three times in the chest by some drunk client. His motive - he was mad because my sister refused to give him his jewelry back, despite him not giving the money he owned.
For the first time in my career, I cried in front of my colleagues. They have never seen me like this before. To think about it, no one ever did.
Her funeral was the next day. I contemplated whether I should attend or not. I blamed myself too much for never visiting her and being there for her.
Something in my mind tried to remind me why I was away for good, but I did not understand.
My brain was hiding something from me, as insane as it sounds.
Three hours before my flight, I decided my attendance would be the last gift to Meredith. She invited me so many times during the years, and I have not once visited her.
She deserved her sister to be there for her this one last time.
When I arrived at the graveyard, I was shocked to see only four gravediggers and Robert. They waited for me at the gates.
Something felt off, but I dismissed it.
The ceremony went normal, except for the fact there was no priest. As I recall, Meredith was Christian.
I questioned Robert but, he stated my sister was introverted and had no one except my parents.
After their death, she rarely left her house. Her neighbors used to stick notes under her door if they had any noise complaints, which was rare as Meredith's house was oddly quiet.
Her lawn and backyard were spotless. Meredith kept everything under regulation.
Robert told me that the inspectors often skipped her house and used it as a role model. The neighborhood even gave my sister 500$ as a "thank you" for keeping her land in great shape. She never took the money. Instead, she advised the neighbors to give them to someone in need.
"Meredith was an angel, wasn't she? I feel bad for not visiting her all those years. She invited me to dinner now and then, but I was too busy," I sorrowfully confessed to Robert, who was sitting with me on the bench near her grave.
He looked at me with a confused expression and questioned, "Meredith? Who is Meredith? Your sister's name was Claire."
Seeing the puzzled look on my face, he jokingly added, "You had too many burnouts, didn't you? All that hard work messed up your brain."
Claire? Who is Claire?
The name sounded so familiar, yet so foreign. Something was missing.
My sister's name was Meredith. Right?
I laughed awkwardly at Robert's joke while my brain sank deeper into confusion.
He offered me a ride to my sister's house, but I declined. The cemetery wasn't far away, and the weather was quite pleasant.
Why waste the opportunity for a relaxing walk?
The more I approached the house, the more dreadful I felt. My head started to hurt as my stomach seemed to twist in such a horrible way, I thought my muscles would explode. All of the possible alarm bells I had in my mind went off.
I stood at the front door of the house, debating whether to go in or not. I knew I would find something, more like remembering something I didn't want to.
But what choice did I have?
Here is a probably good time to mention that my sister's last wish was for me to spend a night in our childhood bedroom.
As soon as I entered the door, memories started to come back. They were happy ones, which seemed to ease my anxiety for a while.
I remembered how my parents dressed my sister and me up in itchy woolen dresses and took pictures for relatives. Then my sister would hide behind the counter and scare the life out of the next person who entered the kitchen.
There was a time where I spilled red juice over my parents' bed. It was a dare from my sister.
And then...Claire went away for a few months, while my parents made me visit some doctor.
She came back different. I joked with her how her caretakers must have swapped her brain with someone else's. Claire was not happy. She tried to punch me in the face that same day.
From then on, her violent outbursts became mandatory.
Every time she saw my parents, she became enraged. Maybe it was because they forced her to take some pills.
Several years later, in her teens, Claire became more manageable. The interactions between us were restricted, yet, she found a way to talk to me. Almost every night before going to bed, I would find a book with a message written on the cover.
At first, the books seemed harmless. But things escalated when Claire found out how much I enjoyed reading them.
The first title that shocked me was a horror book about a child who killed his entire family.
The written message on the cover "This seems like a good plan, don't you think?"
The next book was a fiction horror, then a thriller, and at the end, Claire gifted me a personally written handbook of "How to cook your loved ones and serve them for dinner?"
My sister was driven back into the facility and came home a little before my high school graduation.
I couldn't recognize her. Claire was unusually calm. You could see the hatred in her eyes when she looked at our parents, but as soon as she shifted her gaze at me, her eyes were fearful as she was silently pleading with me to help her...
My thinking shifted to the question I asked myself since the funeral - Who the hell was Meredith?
Recalling my sister's last wish, I walk into the bedroom. To my surprise, there were three beds.
The one on the left had my name on it.
The middle bed was Claire's.
And the one on the right was...Meredith's bed.
The truth finally came to me.
All of these years, I have tried to erase the horrific memories of my childhood.
I worked not due to my desire to succeed but to escape from my family and not end up like Meredith.
Claire was not some mental, and she did not kill our sister. My parents framed her for that, and I knew it.
The red juice she made me spill was no juice but blood. Claire desperately tried to jail my parents for their crimes, but nobody believed her. Her violent outbursts were not due to a mental illness.
However, my parents made sure to make everyone believe Claire was not okay because she witnessed Meredith's death.
She did see the act, but not how my parents described it.
They claimed it was an intruder. My mom even hurt herself to make all of this believable.
Claire told me something else.
That night I was startled by a screaming coming from somewhere in the house. Being a curious and brave little sibling, I hopped off the bed and went to investigate.
The loud noises came from my parent's bedroom. I rushed toward the door, but my sister caught me. Claire put one hand on my mouth while her other was tightly wrapped around my wrist and told me to go to my room.
Of course, I disobeyed, which earned me a slap and a kick in the ass that sent me straight to my bed.
A few minutes later, Claire returned to the room. The expression on her face was frightened. Her mouth was quivering, but she desperately tried to keep herself together.
"Listen to me. You did not wake up tonight. Got it?" Claire ordered to me. Taking a deep breath, she continued, "I can't tell you what I saw, but Meredith is no longer with us. And I need you to believe whatever story our parents tell you. Alright?"
I slowly nodded my head and went to sleep.
The following days were a nightmare. I was so sad over Meredith's death that I couldn't bring myself to eat.
Claire, on the other hand, was monitoring me like a hawk.
I think she was afraid of me spilling out our little secret. I had no intention of doing so since I was not that stupid. The way Claire told me to believe our parents made me suspect they did something, but back then, I couldn't think far from that. However, this was enough to keep my mouth shut.
Then came the incident with the "red juice."
After that, Claire went to the facility. Even though I suspect there was no facility since my parents seemed to be away more whenever Claire was at the hospital. I do not recall seeing any medical records of my sister. And I do not think I want to know where she was really.
Whenever she came home, she tried to distance herself from me as much as possible. Claire made herself the villain for my safety.
She made me fear and hate her as much as she could to make me want to run away from her. Somehow Claire knew I would be safer that way.
Only she knows the horrors she went through, and I sincerely hope her soul rests in peace. I pray Meredith is there with her too.
As for my parents, I wish them to suffer for all eternity paying for what they did to my sisters.
Because this is the only thing they truly deserve.
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2021.12.05 14:48 LiteN1ng Illusion Isle

This was the best dream I’ve ever had. I was laying outside with a couple of other friends, and then I saw other planets in our solar system in the sky, almost how you would see the moon from its distance. Those planets would move closer, and faster, until it was all back to normal. This would happen a lot more times, each time speeding up a little, until reality glitched. I found myself in a place called “Illusion Isle.” It was a dark place with hexagons covering the black walls. I didn’t know why, but I knew I had to do something, perhaps a task. After walking through a few rooms, realizing this place was almost infinite, I saw a few of my friends, the ones I was laying outside with. The place had lots of mirrors around, looking through them, you would find your “true self,” a version of you that was either drawn or missing many features. After walking around a few doors the hexagons faded out of existence, exactly how you would picture it in your head. A few rooms that I walked through were bedrooms of me and the friends. These rooms were connected. Once I found my way out, I had found my task. It was a machine of some sort, almost looks like something straight out of Toys R Us, a toy, the size of a tv. As I was approaching the thing, I woke up, completely confused on what had just happened.
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2021.12.05 14:48 rajput0396 I'm lost, help me get my life back on track

I'm a doctor, I graduated in 2020 from med school and the country I'm from has different levels of education. Post mbbs I have to write competitive exams and get into a post graduation course based on my rank. Thanks to the world situation the exams got postponed twice and my mental health took a huge hit. I'm 25 with no job or another source of income, living at home. I'm single and I don't have a lot of friends ( I cut them all out to focus on my studies) those who are reaching out to me, I avoid coz I feel like a loser. I've always been an all rounder,safe to say one of the popular and outgoing kids. But now watching all my non doctor friends get married or travel with their partners. It makes me feel like I'm in a limbo. The rank I got this time was average and it's most likely I'll have to compromise on my field of specialisation or the college. The private colleges cost a lot and I'm not sure if I can afford that. I feel so demotivated, I've been unable to sleep or study. I spend my time trying to study or trying to motivate myself. My anxiety gets so bad that I'm roaming around the house at 3 am thinking. Thinking about my life. I'm a doctor I'm supposed to be out there making a difference, helping people out. I started out to help others and I had to watch thousands die during a pandemic and I couldn't do anything. The whole point of me wanting to be a doctor was to not let others feel helpless and give it my all to save people. I stayed at home while the whole world suffered. I just feel insignificant and like my degree is just a waste Please help me get my life back on track. I have lost the motivation and fire to get back out there.
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