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Undead World - An Overly Comprehensive Guide (v Hi, it's Bob49 (Bob49#4042 on Discord). I'm on S7 and F2P, so I have no idea what spending deals are good - best ask someone else. I don't really have a structure in my mind so this might be a bit of a ramble. Feel free to skip around, headings are in bold. At the end of the day, these are my opinions, not necessarily ‘correct’. Anyway, let’s begin.
Which server should I start on? The best choice is the most recent server, as you'll be (mostly) on par with your peers when it comes to PVP, which is a huge source of Energy Drinks. Guilds are cross-server, so no need to worry about that.
What should I spend Diamonds on? At the start, basically 2700 summons, and that's about it. Later, six epic pamphlets for 195 diamonds in caravan is fairly good, though I do not know the drop rates of fodder vs 4 skill, so I can't precisely say how good it is. The 25 instant reward is good as well, but I lack the data to confidently say that for everyone. It is worth it for me, and I'm in Ch14, VIP4, but I'm just one data point.
Never buy gear for diamonds as an f2p or light spender as the value is atrocious. Rare fodder cards and equipment upgrade boxes are also bad value.
Cantina This is where you summon. 2700 pulls and any friendship pull is fine. For faction rolls, always go Blue Banshee.
Other Caravan Buys For caravan, six pamphlets for diamonds and Energy Drinks for gold are the obvious buys. I’m unsure if Energy Drinks for diamonds are worth it. There’s a free store refresh every day at VIP4. I recommend that this be used, and the same items purchased.
For guild caravan, wait for CH16 for Legendary drops. Other gear pales in comparison, which I’ll explain at the end. Some days I’m tempted to buy Faction Specific Manuals though…
For Dismiss, buy epic pamphlets.
Arena/Midtown are Helen/Astra, respectively.
Heroes, the bare bones So there are basically two types of heroes in this game - those with 3 skills, aka fodder, and those with 4 skills. Fodder heroes are generally not worth playing, though Doc and Mary are a clear exception, and Rollo/Yeji are fairly solid, too. Fodder typically drops as Rare (Blue border) but can also drop as Epic from Epic Pamphlets, while 4-skill heroes only drop as Epic. Fodder can only be ascended to Unique+, while 4-Skill heroes peak at Mythic +5.
There are 6 factions in the game - the main 4: Collegium, Hive, Blue Banshee, Sugar Reaper, and the special two: Altered and Gungnir. For the special factions, their copies are much rarer, and at this time, only one of each exists. There are faction advantages in this game, but they generally don't matter much. Fodder only exists for the four main factions.
Levels and Ascensions The two easiest and most obvious ways to get stronger are levels and ascension. Levels are fairly self-explanatory - you consume Gold, EXP Drinks, and sometimes Energy Drinks to level up, which offers more stats and sometimes skill unlocks/upgrades. Ascensions increase the level cap of that specific hero (check the info section in command center for details), though the level cap can be bypassed if placed in the Academy. Since the academy exists, you'll only ever need to level up 5 heroes with resources, and just sync up everyone else.
Ascension happens in the command center. The ascension tiers are
Rare → Rare+ → Epic → Epic+ → Unique → Unique+ → Legendary → Legendary+ → Mythic.
Fodder can be ascended at any time without much issue. When it comes to 4skill heroes, WAIT FOR 4 COPIES before you ascend past E+. As you can see in the ascension graphic below (big thanks to OhSurprise), you'll be stuck at Unique if you only have 2 or 3 copies. This is also why I recommend saving hero choice boxes for your 4th copy.
(Image link: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/898539305872523275/900361062526885898/AscensionChart_byOhSurprise-1.png)
Ascension Chart by OhSurprise
The Guard Tower For the guard tower, assuming you don't need to instantly use the fodder, I recommend keeping a U+ Luke (Hive), Barry (Coll), Kit (SR), Axel (BB), and/or Doc (SR) around. Because people constantly need to consume fodder for ascensions, there's going to be a lot of rollover for these heroes specifically, and if you have them, you're likely to be chosen, meaning more hearts. (There's minimal rollover on non-fodder, so unless you can somehow compete with other people's highly ascended heroes, don't even try. I know for sure that I can't compete with the friends that have Mythic with stars). Afaik, every important ascension needs 2 U+ fodder of a faction anyway, so while you wait for the 2nd U+, make sure your first U+ is one of the aforementioned, and you'll profit.
Harbor This is where you can reset one of your top 5 leveled heroes for diamonds. You cannot reset ascension, only the levels. You'll get all of your resources spent back. This is useful for when one of your top 5 is Epic, and the other four are Epic+. You can reset the levels on the Epic and put those resources into a 5th Epic+, raising your sync lvl from 100 to 120.
Guild Join an active guild - you can check everyone's activity even before joining. The higher the activity, the more often you can conduct guild raids and get more equipment and guild tokens. 25 actives in a lvl 1 guild is better than 45 members in a lvl 5 guild but only 20 are active. Once a day is enough to be "active" as far as guild raids go.
Radio Passively complete tasks and get rewards. Energy drinks and diamonds are the best rewards - use your free refresh (VIP2) to reroll gold + fodder pamphlets for drinks+dia.
Formations Mid is more or less the best and where your upgrades should be focused. Mid>Back>Front. For obvious reasons, this favors Zigzag and One Protects All.
Special Equipment (thanks to 2wominds for our discussion on this)
Complete a variety of tasks to upgrade them. There are basically 3 characteristics of each equip that determine who should get it - the two actual stats and the skill.
Shield Generator is pure tanks (ie Conor Gabe). HP and Crit Res, plus a MAX HP Shield, just make sense.
Pulse Nova Emitter is offensive backline (Web Murray). ATK and EVA fit with the backline formation boost, and stunning invaders like Gabe/Henry in PVP and Hugger in PVE aids survivability.
Radi Relay is either high dmg AoE Ult or bruiser (Brit Rock Sam Abi Tyler). ATK+life steal is desirable for AOE carries, and HP+ATK+LS is desirable for bruisers who both take and deal damage.
Adrenaline Injector is the odd one out. DEF, Crit Rate, and Atk Speed don't really have a fitting archetype, and since crit in this game is a bit of a joke, it’s clearly lesser than Relay. I just slap it on bruisers and aoe that aren't using Radi Relay.
Recovery Serum Mask is just general support (Meredith Leigh Doc Lita). You want them to ult again soon, but don't necessarily care about their attack speed like Adrenaline Injector does.
Signature Equipment This is unique to each 4skill hero, and unlocks when they reach Legendary tier. Complete a variety of tasks to upgrade them. I personally believe everyone deserves at least +10, as those quests/resources are generally easily done/plentiful, respectively.
Now, on to actual gameplay.
Campaign Defeat hordes of zombies (>50, use aoe), small amounts of tankier zombies (<20), or human enemies. Push as hard as you can, playing around with formation and placement. RNG is a significant factor, so don't be discouraged. Conor, Abi, Sam, Brit, Rock, Lita, Leigh, Meredith +10, Murray, and Tyler are varying degrees of good to great in the campaign, and early on, Doc and Mary will also do great.
Skyscraper Massive hordes of zombies, plus a boss unit every 10 levels. You'll definitely want a good aoe unit, plus some form of sustain.
Zombie Express Basically you're surviving two minutes of increasingly difficult zombies. You'll generally want to run one frontliner (ConoHelen/Abi), 3-4 AOE dps (Cady/Brit/Murray/Rock/Sam), and maybe 1 support (Lita/Leigh). Ride express once daily for a small reward box, and try to rank highly for more Energy Drinks at the end of the day. Use "Zombie Rush" to send in the next 'wave' quickly - this will boost your score, but also leave you susceptible to being overwhelmed, so be careful. The longer you wait before hitting Rush, the fewer zombies will spawn in the 'wave'.
Guild Hunt I find the Convict to be easiest now, though I did have some trouble with him earlier on, when he actually could kill someone. Conor 1 + Leigh anywhere and he'll never break through. then 3 dps just go off, no deaths. Abi might work better but my Conor has sig10 so the atk buff is nice and my Abi is still E+ (sadge). For obvious reasons, play a formation that only has 1 frontline, and 4 split amongst mid and back.
For Hugger, play a tank in position 5 and she usually dives to that tank (not always) and will not retarget until that target is dead. Thus, you can get away with frontlining ur dps for this fight. I prefer bitemark guy bc I will teamwipe in this fight, which typically means 3 less chests.
Spitter also teamwipes. Lita and Leigh can hold that off for a while but eventually fall too.
Mauler... uhhh... NOPE.
For Caravan, just run all dps. Sam Murray and Web are the big ones.
Midtown One healer and at least one AoE recommended (Brit OP here). Go for a path that has the most battles, as that nets you the most Midtown Coins. When given a choice between fights, go for higher midtown coins, but also try to generally path upwards. The best tactics are basically the SP spamming ones.
If given the choice for the third floor, pick the more dangerous one (right side). Be sure to do the dark mercenary fight even if you don’t use that hero, as it drops midtown coins, and make sure to path to the miniboss before you reach 100%.
Arena This is split into Novice Arena and Raging Rumble. Novice Arena is your basic 5v5 and thus favors burst, while Raging Rumble is a 15v15, with staggered spawn times for each consecutive team. The spawn time defaults to 30s but there is some sort of mercy rule where if one side is clearly losing by a lot, the game will spawn their second team sooner, while the winning side still has to wait the full 30s.
Pick your fights intelligently - make sure you can win, as you’ll get Energy Drinks on every win, but nothing for a loss. Also, it just really sucks to lose.
Murray is the king of pvp.
Select Hero Breakdowns Meredith: Collegium, Support. Her shields scale to herself, so her ascensions are a big help. At Legendary +10, she gives Regen as well, which makes her one of the best supports around.
Conor: Collegium, Tank. Excellent all around tank and buffer. AoE dmg and CC on ult, plus a DEF buff (and ATK buff with +10).
Cady: Collegium, Ranged. A ‘ranged’ hero who upgrades her weapon over time, sacrificing some of her range to boost her damage and AoE. Does best in ramping fights like Scraper and Express, but does really poorly in bursty fights.
Britney: Blue Banshee, AoE. My personal favorite hero. She’s very ult-reliant and is slow to generate SP, but once she does, her aoe covers nearly the whole map and with Sig Equip, pierces Defense. Scraper floor 2 never stood a chance.
Tyler: Blue Banshee, Melee. Bruiser with self-sustain and some CC. His atk ramps over time and his single target damage is nothing to scoff at.
Lita: Blue Banshee, Support. Those teamwide shields are actually insane, plus some AoE and stuns.
Murray: Blue Banshee, Ranged. The king of pvp, and don’t be fooled by ‘ranged’ - his AoE packs a good punch too. One of the 3 core DPS.
Abigail: Sugar Reaper, Tank. She’s not really a tank - more of a berserker type - but one that becomes both tankier and harder hitting as she loses HP. High dmg on death pairs well with Astra.
Rock: Sugar Reaper, AoE. Continuous AoE like no other. Hordes beware.
Webster: Hive, Ranged. Takes a bit of time to get going, but his single target damage is nearly unmatched once he does, with hits dealing an additional 7% max HP as dmg. One of the 3 core DPS.
Gabriel: Hive, Tank. A little too suicidal for PVE, but a great invading disruptor for PVP.
Leigh: Hive, Support. Heals scaling to max HP are incredible for tanks, and she also buffs the unit with highest attack, so she works really well even at Epic.
Sam: Hive, AoE. A rare unit that excels at both AoE and single target, when his ult actually aims correctly instead of at one hugger. Does better the higher his current HP is. One of the 3 core DPS.
Astra: Gungnir, Support. Revives positions 1 and 2 as zombies after they die, though they’ll expire over time.
Helen: Altered, Melee. Undying hero who gets stronger over time but revives with less HP after each death.
Overly Complicated Math and Data This is gonna summarize some stuff I’ve done concerning Crit, Gear, ACC/EVA, Arena Meta, and some market analysis. You can stop reading here if ya like, though the gear section is fairly important imo.
The Low Value of Crit This calculation arose from a discussion on whether or not Lita is any good on guild caravan fight. Assuming everything averages out over time, we'll just consider all attacks to be standardized to autos. Say a normal attack does C dmg. In this game, the base crit rate is 5% and the base crit dmg is 30%, so that becomes
or, on avg, u deal 1.5% more dmg than if you never crit. This is almost meaningless, but everyone has it. Huzzah.
Let's assume Lita's 4th skill is at max stack the whole time, which is ofc not true, but I'm being generous to make a point. Let's also assume she is lvl 261+. That's 21% extra crit.
or, on avg, u deal 7.8% more dmg than if you never crit.
If we want to isolate the actual impact Lita provides, that's
1.078C/1.015C-1=6.2% extra dmg
This assumes Lita's buff is max stack the whole time AND that she's lvl 261, so in reality, the buff provides much less than 6.2% dmg.
You might be wondering how Webster fits into all this. Assuming 261+ again:
Webster alone: 0.95C+0.05(1.65C)=1.0325C
Web+Lita: 0.74C+0.26(1.65C)=1.169C
To isolate the actual impact Lita makes as an addition to a Webster team:
1.169C/1.0325C-1=13.2% extra dmg.
By contrast, I also play AFKA. I play Ainz behind Arthur, and Ainz finishes his chant, which is basically 100 Crit and 190% crit dmg.
An Ainz crit is worth nearly 3x the dmg of a non-crit, and he always crits. Clearly the devs chose to make crit borderline meaningless in this game, or maybe AFK's devs went way too far in how much they boosted crit's impact. Is what it is.
Of course, different types of gear may modify the usefulness of CRIT.
Gear Here are all the stats of every gear in the game (no stars or bonus). Each star is worth +30%, as is the faction bonus.
Stats of Every Gear Piece
There are currently five gear archetypes in the game.
  • All Tanks are Melee+Heavy archetype.
  • All Melee are Melee+Medium archetype, except Helen (Melee+Light)
  • All Ranged are Ranged+Light.
  • All AOE are Support+Light.
  • All Supports are Support+Light.
Here’s what a unit of each archetype gains from all Legendary Gear (no stars or bonus).
Unit Type and what their Gear gives
You should always upgrade the gear on dps carry first. While I do not have a formula for exactly how much SP Gain stat translates to actual SP generation, I believe Helm is the best gear type and should be focused first (think Dura’s Call if you play AFKA). Then Weap 2nd for an offensive unit and probably Chest 2nd for Tanks. (Without a damage formula it’s hard to quantify how useful HP/DEF/DR are relative to each other).
Now here’s something that may get controversial. If you’re an F2P or light spender, don’t upgrade gear before Unique. Why?
Look at the actual value gained per gear piece. A Common weapon offers more than twice as much attack as a Basic weapon. You could simply have waited until Common weapon drops, and you’d already be stronger. The same applies for basically every tier of upgrade as you can see in the chart.
One might argue that it would be worthwhile to upgrade a lower tier weap, then consume that to feed the next tier, since the Parts Boxes rollover, which is true. You wouldn’t lose any Parts Boxes if you chose this path. What you would lose is a TON of gold. You have to pay each time you “recycle” the original Parts Boxes, paying double, triple, 4x, etc the more times you do it. Imagine spending gold on an upgrade worth 40 Attack when you could have waited one tier and that upgrade could be worth 100 Attack. This is incredibly inefficient, and gold is already a significant problem for F2P’s, especially if you’re buying Energy Drinks twice a day as you should and you’re hitting your Faction Skyscraper walls. Don’t exacerbate your gold problem - have a bit of patience. You can still do well with shoddy gear since your levels should make up the difference.
The higher tier equips drop so rarely that Unique seems a reasonable enough benchmark to allow upgrades for, though I could be wrong on this and maybe you shouldn’t upgrade anything until Legendary.
One could argue I’m being unreasonable, but levels do a lot to cover primary stats (HP/ATK/DEF), and some of the secondary stats, like Crit, Crit Dmg, and Crit Res, really suck, as explained in the Crit section above. If you’d like to upgrade only Helms at Epic or better, I’d accept that too.
ACC vs EVA I don’t currently have a formula for this, so it’s hard to figure out how useful either stat really is. What I do know is that each unit has a default ACC/EVA value before gear, and that this value increases by color, not ascension. (ie Unique has more ACC/EVA than the same hero at Epic+, but Epic+ has the same ACC/EVA as the same hero at Epic). Melee Medium seems to have the most of both, and Henry’s in particular is off the charts.
Arena Meta by Frequency of Use I analyzed the defensive lineups of the top 10 players in S7, both in Novice and Rumble. Here’s what I found. Keep in mind this is not a discussion of who is best, but who is used most often at the top of the leaderboards. The utility of Helen and Astra are necessarily functions of their ascensions, which, while a spender may have better access to, an F2P should probably not run. As I expected before I made this, Murray runs the show.
S7, Novice Arena
S7, Rumble
The market analysis is incomplete, but this post is long enough as is. Hope this helps someone.
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[Durable Material] Made of high-carbon steel, not easy to bend, thick underframe, no shaking during use, elastic foam armrests, non-slip and anti-freezing, more suitable for the elderly [Assembly-free design] It does not require assembling and punching, it can be folded, and it can be used when you submitted by Morgan-992 to McrOne [link] [comments]

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”The big guy is evolving by being able to stretch the floor and shoot the 3,” Valanciunas said. “Being able to handle the ball. Those things, I wanted to add to my game as well. I don’t want to disappear. I want to be successful in this league. Whatever it takes to be successfu
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TW : pre-op body
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